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2022-02-29 Honoree Membership Artists for a Green Planet

Honoree Membership Artists for a Green Planet

Artist Statement

Mathias Sager (9.5.1975), Switzerland

As the inventor of the psycho-philosophical/-spiritual concept of ‘Awareness Intelligence,’ which is the ability to harness the benefits of systematically thinking on a broader temporal and social scope, I have discovered that mental schemas appear in triadic constellations. Therefore, the power of three is taken up regularly in my works. The triangle has the strongest shape thanks to its flexibility and stability. My artworks evolve organically through layered and intricate details that triangularly connect dots and lines. I don’t care about rules, history, or trends. I do what makes sense to me and aim to remain independent in my critical thinking and creativity. For me, psychology and art belong together. Appropriately, my paintings are accompanied by poems that reflect on love, its antagonist fear, social issues, and the development of human potential in the triptych of fitness, kindness, and wisdom. I go for what is essential, not what seems urgent. My goal is to live as an example and inspire with multidisciplinary, intergenerational, and cross-cultural considerations to serve individual well-being and the common good.