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2023-06-23 ATIMs Top 60 Masters Award NYC

ATIMs Top 60 Masters Award NYC


The Top 60 Masters Awards honor the world’s most talented visual artists yearly at a prestigious awards ceremony, often called “The Oscars of the Visual Arts.” This event has recognized and promoted artists for the past 11 years, making it the most significant night in the art industry.

ATIMs Top 60 Masters Award 2023

Art statement (Mathias Sager)

As the discoverer of the socio-temporal matrix and the inventor of the concept of ‘Awareness Intelligence,’ which is the ability to expand and systematically use one’s thinking in the full scope of time and social relationships in a triadic constellation, I regularly take up the number 3 in my artworks. Also, I found that the triangle is the strongest form in nature. Therefore, triadic arrangements and triangular shapes are the essential elements of my abstract expressionist work. Ultimately, art is my language to express the meaning of life, which is (1) self-reflection, (2) love of social connections, and (3) care for the next generations. That systematic and coherent thinking/worldview fuels my painting and poetry process, which generates awareness-intelligent emotions that instill the inspirational power of my works for its visitors. For me, psychology and art belong together. So, the paintings appear with related texts of psychophilosophical/spiritual research and wisdom for a fitter, kinder, and wiser world.