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As held in Japan, India, and Switzerland. For example, in collaboration with J-Global, K.K. Tsunago Tokyo, Vizitech Solutions Pvt Pune, as well as self-hosted on many occasions internationally in English and German.

Hello and welcome!

Whether in a few or many single sessions picked according to your interest or be it by attending the whole certificate courses, you will learn, reflect upon, discuss, and start to apply:

  • How to improve individual well-being, organizational performance, and social contribution to your private life and professional career?
  • How to better develop a personal (self-) leadership combining multi-disciplinary, inter-generational, and cross-cultural knowledge?

The goals of the unique approach include lectures and discussions/group works that are intended to spark critical thinking, stimulate new ideas, and motivate self-improvement. You’ll be inspired, encouraged, and enabled to lead your way for deeper experiences and bigger impacts.

All the courses and sessions are presented in easy English. The international participants may be encouraged and helped in interacting in English as a second language. The sessions are interactive and engaging and provide a safe environment to learn. The goal is to inspire you for increased self-efficacy, wherever the starting point is. You will leave the discussions energized by meaningful knowledge and friendly contacts. Welcome to becoming your best self!

The Psychology and Philosophy of Learning & Developing a Growth Mindset

  • The History and Philosophy of Learning
  • Behaviorism and Animal and Human Learning
  • Social Learning & Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Brain and Memory in Learning
  • Learning and Motivation
  • Learner Profiles and Strategies

Inspiring Others Across Cultures and (Self-)Leadership Psychology

  • Leadership Philosophy
  • Leaders and Followers & Leadership Strategies
  • Personality and Leadership Styles
  • Inspirational Leaders
  • Leadership, (Cultural) Threats, and Change
  • Leadership, Power, and Influence

Developing Human Capital, Cultural Agility, and Global Talent Management

  • The Psychology of Talent, Competencies, and Appraisal
  • Developing Human Capital: Success in Learning
  • Mobility and Cultural Agility
  • Global Mindset
  • Global Talent Management Strategies
  • Developing Cultural Empathy

Some participants’ feedback

Mathias, your sessions are so thought-provoking; they really get me thinking in new ways!  I love the way you put together the flow of materials.  You have a creative and thoughtful perspective and back it up with research and evidence-based best practices. Your openness stimulates spirited discussion.  You have created such a wonderful learning community!  Your sessions are the highlight of my week. I have recommended them highly to my friends, and I recommend them to anyone who wants to be stimulated to grow and grow their team. – Tish Robinson, Faculty Hitotsubashi University

I found Mr. Mathias Sager’s course on Psychology very inspiring, especially since it was similar but from a different approach to some workshops I do. He had a very interesting approach that helped me understand the psychology behind my work more clearly. The atmosphere was such that everyone enjoyed the lively exchange of ideas and opinions. At least I came away with new knowledge and new ideas to pursue. – Norman Grant, Transformational Leadership Coach

I’d like to say that the effort you made was not futile after all. It really helped revive, although gradually, what I almost lost. THANK YOU !!! – Maria Ella Narita, Teacher

Attending Mathias’ sessions, no matter the theme, helped me broaden my world, improve my communication skills and grow both as a human and a business person. The sessions were friendly, and all participants were welcome to ask questions and exchange opinions. A lot of productive discussions taught us the importance of being open-minded, learning different ideas, agreeing to disagree, and, perhaps most importantly, being positive. – Miwa Namiki, Customer Success Manager