Nothing heard, nothing seen? That’s often when the most happens. To the universe and back, back in my new studio. Here again, something in text and picture. All the best GALACTIC DOOR How I missedTo see behindThe monstrous burdenOf past beliefsAn inspired choiceFor a space of health How I enjoyTo feel throughThe gigantic wallOf present … Continue reading GALACTIC DOOR

New Terms (of Awareness Intelligence)

If open enough, one encounters ideas, even new ones, for which even the words are missing. If one tries to name these ideas aptly, our spelling is doubted. Clearly, the monopoly of defining terms and declaring important existing ideas dictates and those who do not comply are left as irrelevant behind search queries as unfound. … Continue reading New Terms (of Awareness Intelligence)


DISCOURSE Disbelief to believe in my selfDiscomfort for the comfort of good healthThrough discourse, staying on my courseIt isn’t a disadvantage to not advance in the wrong directionPrevented disorder when order was given upDisharmony to create most harmonious compositionThoughts without content, and I’m most content too DISKURS Unglaube, um an mich selbst zu glaubenUnbehagen für … Continue reading Discourse

The Spirit of the City

The spirit of the cityA ghost that never callsFrom tourists, he’s hiddenBehind the wallsBy pop-culture forbidden The spirit of the cityA myth that never tradesFor cameras invisibleBehind facadesFor a stranger, a riddle The spirit of the cityA presence that never boresChoosing who’s openBehind the doorsAs a friendly token The spirit of the cityA vision that … Continue reading The Spirit of the City


EXTUITION / INTUITION ExtuitionThe beliefThat the outlookSeen was realBased on memoryAnd exclusionLogically intellectualThe worldly illusionof a single world IntuitionThe knowledgeThat the insightSeen was realBased on imaginationAnd inclusionArtistically awareThe universal fusionof a multi-verse EXTUITION / INTUITION ExtutionDer GlaubeDass der AusblickGesehen echt seiBasierend auf ErinnerungUnd ExklusionLogisch intellektuellDie weltliche Illusioneiner einzigen Welt IntuitionDas WissenDass die EinsichtGesehen echt warBasierend auf VorstellungskraftUnd InklusionKünstlerisch bewusstDie … Continue reading EXTUITION / INTUITION

Are You Sure?

ARE YOU SURE? According to Buddhist teaching, we all go through life with blinders on. We might be hiking along a forest road coming to a shack, one of those inviting oases, and we spot a rope rolled beside the entrance, but we mistake it for a snake. This provokes thoughts associated with that perception. … Continue reading Are You Sure?

The Energy Healer

Have you ever tried to send positive energy from the inside (e.g., to comfort or heal others) and defend negative energy from the outside? As a psychologist who has studied the scientific literature and discussions at leading Universities, read ancient wisdom, and experienced and conducted independent interdisciplinary research, this is the best explanation of what … Continue reading The Energy Healer


The term ‘intention’ in medicine means the healing process of a wound. We may create plans based on any beliefs that bring us to an achievement of something out there we think is missing, or we can be drawn to deeper roots that are pulling towards internal healing and recovery of inner truth. While intuition … Continue reading ROOTS OF INTENTION (INTUITION & IMAGINATION)

Learning from the Intra-Past

Learning for life, for one’s own identity, is learner-led and requires conditions of personal freedom; this also applies when learning from the past. The free Self (one’s intrapersonal level), not culture, societal history, religion, and judgment of others around us, teaches us about our true Self. There are three main obstacles to self-reflective learning from … Continue reading Learning from the Intra-Past

Identity: Who are you?

Identity: Who are you? What a significant purpose of life: Life isn’t about learning to fit in somewhere; it is about creating somebody new. Socio-cultural identities Of course, you may want to stay social and cooperative with people in your life. However, with time, the nature of these relationships might transform as your awareness regenerates. … Continue reading Identity: Who are you?


THE STRUCTURE AND DIMENSIONS OF LIFE Often breakthrough findings are the simplest ones. If something can’t be explained easily, it is not well understood. If spirituality is advertised as requiring miraculous super-powers hold by few, it might be spiritual elitism that is not for all of us. An awareness-intelligent understanding of spirituality may be considered … Continue reading THE SOCIO-TEMPORAL MATRIX


IMAGINATION Can you imagine? Your agency, meaning in life, creativity, and satisfaction are depending on it  “Nothing happens in the real world unless it happens first in the images in our heads” (Gloria E. Anzaldúa)  “Through the inner channels of the imagination, we can see through the eyes of others, travel back to the past, … Continue reading Imagination

A MIND not too narrowly set: A global mindset

“Most conflicts are based on black and white thinking, the fear of devaluation, and the threat to one’s own (cultural) identity. There is one level, though, the global mindset, on which black is also white.” This text was published in the ‘Skilled Helper Collaborative’ (Thanks @Patty): I often hear that mindset is everything. This … Continue reading A MIND not too narrowly set: A global mindset

TOWARDS A BROADER AWARENESS (Introduction to a tool of self-reflection)

Missing global awareness Looking at people’s stress and anguish, the conflict between societies and how the environment gets maltreated, it seems that the human ability of mentally embracing, being aware of a global collective as a species did not keep pace with the globalization of the world. Is there a lack of a kind of … Continue reading TOWARDS A BROADER AWARENESS (Introduction to a tool of self-reflection)

Identities: Obstacles to change

[This article was also published together with other authors at the ‘Skilled Helpers Collaborative’:] Transitions can be defined as “change from one form to another.” In physical life, change is inevitable. So, we (and all matter) constantly change. Our body that we occupied only a few years ago does not contain the same atoms … Continue reading Identities: Obstacles to change

LET YOURSELF OFFEND. The benefits of letting you get offended.

You get an understanding and compassionate ear here, but the most significant benefit lies in permitting me to offend you. First of all, if I didn’t dare to offend, I couldn’t be honest. Being offended offers a real-world check outside of one’s comfort zone. Second, if I solely entertained you, I’d waste your time distracting … Continue reading LET YOURSELF OFFEND. The benefits of letting you get offended.

BECOME RESILIENT: How to mentally configure the three basic human needs of safety, satisfaction, and connectedness

This article is part of a collaborative effort to shed light on the critically important topic of resilience. Three perspectives, however, revealing common patterns of the concept and approaches to become more resilient. You can read the original collaborative post on Patty’s Blog featuring the skilled helpers listed below: Learning resilience through flowing water … Continue reading BECOME RESILIENT: How to mentally configure the three basic human needs of safety, satisfaction, and connectedness

The ‘Corona World War’ or the 3rd World War in Corona Times (4 min. read)

If the economy is not in constant struggle anyway, then during Corona times there are increased signs of war effects. Understanding the wider context is important. It takes critical thinking, courage, and a belief in positive change. But how? My repeated lesson is: win self-control instead of economic wars so that everyone benefits. The virtual … Continue reading The ‘Corona World War’ or the 3rd World War in Corona Times (4 min. read)