Psychological Predictors for Career Success Beyond Dispositional Personality

Summary. Both trait personality and intelligence aspects contribute to the predictive power of psychological measures related to job performance. The validity of predictors depends on specific context and content. To most effectively operationalize relevant performance assessments, combinations, adaptations, and even new tests should be carefully chosen to best map performance criterion and predicting variables as … Continue reading Psychological Predictors for Career Success Beyond Dispositional Personality

A Partner Who Cares

A partner who has no time Is easy to blame No need for shame All yours is mine A partner who has time Is hard to defame No basis for game All appearance is fine A partner who doesn’t care Is easy to compare No need to dare All ours is my affair A partner who does care … Continue reading A Partner Who Cares

A holistic career progress examination

A holistic perspective on career reflection A holistic career examination implies that the development that has led to the current situation, as well as a future outlook, shall be taken into account in a reflective way.  A whole person approach includes personal traits and socio-cognitive facets. Personal identity extends to life-story considerations, cultural context, and … Continue reading A holistic career progress examination


WHO WOULD THEY CHOOSE If aliens chose to whom to talkNo necessity for intelligence nor resourcesGovernmental approval not requiredTheir superior awareness, interested inThe poetic and artistic capacity of humans If animals chose with whom to liveNo need for domestication nor exploitationBusiness profit not requiredTheir unconditional love thankful forThe compassionate and caring capacity of humans If … Continue reading WHO WOULD THEY CHOOSE

Capitalism is great

CAPITALISM IS GREAT Shit, how can I pay?Follow economy!Inherited through money,approved by aristocracy,capitalism is right.The shitty artists into ruin;they are not realisticabout the right way.Serving beauty doesn’t pay! Hell, how can I say?Follow politics!Merited through rights,approved by meritocracy,capitalism is great.The hellish comedians into shame;they are not seriousabout the great way.Serving humor doesn’t pay! Fuck, how … Continue reading Capitalism is great

The Three Doors To The Soul

Almost takenBy the habitual monotonyA trigger of awarenessA push of energyAnd I’m backTo do the workFor fitness Almost estrangedBy the usual anxietyA flicker of lightA grip of compassionAnd I’m backTo listen to the heartFor kindness Almost asleepBy the familiar apathyA glimpse of purposeA pull of inspirationAnd I’m back To follow the callingFor wisdom #art #artist #kunst #künstler #painting #Gemälde #acrylicpainting #modernart #modernekunst #abstract #abstrakt #contemporaryart #zeitgenössischekunst #poem #poetry #Gedicht #Poesie #psychology #Psychologie #Seele #soul #love #personaldevelopment #care #ILoveYouMyDaughterNatalie #Bewusstseinsintelligenz #awarenessintelligence

Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs?

Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs? Which one would you choose to visualize your life? They may seem quite similar and yet be very different. Both go along nine stages of a lifespan but in different directions and different coloring. Birth Kindergarten, school Work-life Marriage Having children Building/buying a house Career/Personal development Retirement Death … Continue reading Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs?


The awareness for and about humanity as a whole is deliberately removed from the educational and journalistic framework. Instead, scare tactics, celebrity cults, groupthink and stereotyping are encouraged. Herd thinking seals off the boxes in the stables of the mind farms owned by the one percent that owns ninety-nine percent of global resources. In these … Continue reading Industrialized

Identity: Who are you?

Identity: Who are you? What a significant purpose of life: Life isn’t about learning to fit in somewhere; it is about creating somebody new. Socio-cultural identities Of course, you may want to stay social and cooperative with people in your life. However, with time, the nature of these relationships might transform as your awareness regenerates. … Continue reading Identity: Who are you?

10 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Pills (A Psychologist’s (not Psychiatrist’s) view)

In the US, one in six persons currently takes a psychotropic drug. In Switzerland, around one in ten regularly consume prescribed antidepressants. This population is a minority; all the others manage to live without, and so can you. Modern psychopharmacology began in 1950 with the synthesis of chlorpromazine. Only from then on, the industry started … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Pills (A Psychologist’s (not Psychiatrist’s) view)