Compassionate leadership: If we all ‘lead,’ we don’t need ‘managers’ anymore

There are significant differences between leadership and management In our contemporary world both leadership and management may be required and co-exist in different situations, but the identification and understanding of their distinguishing features is important if we want to use both of them effectively and eventually think about shifting the emphasis towards managers who are … Continue reading Compassionate leadership: If we all ‘lead,’ we don’t need ‘managers’ anymore


WHO WOULD THEY CHOOSE If aliens chose to whom to talkNo necessity for intelligence nor resourcesGovernmental approval not requiredTheir superior awareness, interested inThe poetic and artistic capacity of humans If animals chose with whom to liveNo need for domestication nor exploitationBusiness profit not requiredTheir unconditional love thankful forThe compassionate and caring capacity of humans If … Continue reading WHO WOULD THEY CHOOSE

The Three Doors To The Soul

Almost takenBy the habitual monotonyA trigger of awarenessA push of energyAnd I’m backTo do the workFor fitness Almost estrangedBy the usual anxietyA flicker of lightA grip of compassionAnd I’m backTo listen to the heartFor kindness Almost asleepBy the familiar apathyA glimpse of purposeA pull of inspirationAnd I’m back To follow the callingFor wisdom #art #artist #kunst #künstler #painting #Gemälde #acrylicpainting #modernart #modernekunst #abstract #abstrakt #contemporaryart #zeitgenössischekunst #poem #poetry #Gedicht #Poesie #psychology #Psychologie #Seele #soul #love #personaldevelopment #care #ILoveYouMyDaughterNatalie #Bewusstseinsintelligenz #awarenessintelligence

Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs?

Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs? Which one would you choose to visualize your life? They may seem quite similar and yet be very different. Both go along nine stages of a lifespan but in different directions and different coloring. Birth Kindergarten, school Work-life Marriage Having children Building/buying a house Career/Personal development Retirement Death … Continue reading Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs?

The Psychology of Language

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LANGUAGE Having learned English, French, and Japanese while living and working in different cultures, and as a global citizen, psychologist, and artist, languages (words, images, and the heart) are vital for me every day. Research into the psychology of language, or psycholinguistics, has helped better understand the mental aspects of language and … Continue reading The Psychology of Language


THE STRUCTURE AND DIMENSIONS OF LIFE Often breakthrough findings are the simplest ones. If something can’t be explained easily, it is not well understood. If spirituality is advertised as requiring miraculous super-powers hold by few, it might be spiritual elitism that is not for all of us. An awareness-intelligent understanding of spirituality may be considered … Continue reading THE SOCIO-TEMPORAL MATRIX

A MIND not too narrowly set: A global mindset

“Most conflicts are based on black and white thinking, the fear of devaluation, and the threat to one’s own (cultural) identity. There is one level, though, the global mindset, on which black is also white.” This text was published in the ‘Skilled Helper Collaborative’ (Thanks @Patty): I often hear that mindset is everything. This … Continue reading A MIND not too narrowly set: A global mindset

LET YOURSELF OFFEND. The benefits of letting you get offended.

You get an understanding and compassionate ear here, but the most significant benefit lies in permitting me to offend you. First of all, if I didn’t dare to offend, I couldn’t be honest. Being offended offers a real-world check outside of one’s comfort zone. Second, if I solely entertained you, I’d waste your time distracting … Continue reading LET YOURSELF OFFEND. The benefits of letting you get offended.

(Non-violent) ‘fighting’ for Awareness Intelligence that comprises the three treasures of Taoism

Trinity Warrior III (Non-violent) ‘fighting’ for Awareness Intelligence that comprises the three treasures of Taoism: MODERATION leads to generosity (All are born the same as humans. There is no superiority of anyone, just different cultures, and societal norms. -> I’m thinking about my INTRAPERSONAL PAST. Who am I really regardless of my upbringing?) COMPASSION leads … Continue reading (Non-violent) ‘fighting’ for Awareness Intelligence that comprises the three treasures of Taoism

Using socio-temporal mental maps to navigate people’s worldviews

This article is about the fascinating science of mental schemas and worldviews and how they relate to a person’s meaning and well-being. You can try out the related self-reflection tool, an exciting psycho-philosophical adventure, at

Healing beyond relief

Doctor’s don’t heal you, healing occurs within yourself. If life can create new bodies and souls, why shouldn’t it be able to heal the same? You will find everything you need in life if you serve it by helping all humanity that comes and goes. The assertive expression of your legitimate desires and quitting temporal states, spaces, and dependencies that are awareness-unintelligent is unavoidable to remove what is inhibiting the wholesome life in humantime that is available to you too.

Symptoms of Awareness Intelligence

Awareness Intelligence is a specific constellation of ‘awareness about awareness’ and represents the decoding of the socio-temporal structure of the human psyche. The tripartite lawfulness of the socio-temporal matrix of Awareness Intelligence provides for a mental reference system that empowers for spiritual exploration and practical application of meaning, courage, and compassion.

80% is Psychology Workshops

Welcome to ‘80% is Psychology!’ Your Unique Program for Individual Thriving, Organizational Performance, and the Common Good across Cultures The ‘80% is Psychology’ Workshops are powered by the world novel concept of Awareness Intelligence™  Are you living your maximum and best self, being and enjoying who you really want to be? Very rare are those who … Continue reading 80% is Psychology Workshops

Critical thinking & choosing where to pay attention

Because media gets their attention through the attention economy, and declining attention span of people therefore, we are distracted and have not enough attention for critical thinking. But that’s exactly the goal of the marketers, to lure us into the political and consumerism messages. ​ Learning from critical thinkers may be safer as they have … Continue reading Critical thinking & choosing where to pay attention

Going beyond

Remembering something new. Again, that’s cool: remembering something seemingly new, which is intuition. Memory system beyond birth: intuition. It’s not new, it’s eternal. That’s how we access the source intelligence. Awareness Intelligence on cyclical time Maximal temporal awareness bends the imaginary timeline into a circle in which the past and the future, both infinitely stretching … Continue reading Going beyond

Surviving and thriving through change

The most profound, impactful and sustainable way to change the thinking is to change the layer from where thought arises: awareness. Every movement is your decision, and harmony comes from being intelligently aware of your, your partners’, and the music’s desire to unfold. When the spirit of the music intuits your individual and collaborative intention to the imagination that the music is just perfectly reflecting the vibes of melted body and soul, Awareness Intelligence has come to play.

Critical thinking

Why Awareness Intelligence is needed Critical thinking diminishes when human’s inherent compassion and desire for truth is constrained.  Unaware system justification is further blocking critical thinking and can also manifest in system-reinforcing victim blaming and stereotyping.

Unimportant urgencies versus purposeful service

The time-compressed relatedness of urgency to near-future inter-personal expectations implies that later in time the importance of the matter will fade only as a function of time. Awareness-intelligent solutions, on the other hand, are about importance and are never in a hurry.


Awareness Intelligence is caring; caring for yourself, for your relations, and the common good. Working hard on something we do not sincerely care about is called stress. Genuine care comes from, by, and with love, as it does not expect anything in return. Sayings like “kill them with kindness” are expressions of aggression and have … Continue reading Humankindism