Critical thinking & choosing where to pay attention

Because media gets their attention through the attention economy, and declining attention span of people therefore, we are distracted and have not enough attention for critical thinking. But that’s exactly the goal of the marketers, to lure us into the political and consumerism messages.​Learning from critical thinkers may be safer as they have made their … Continue reading Critical thinking & choosing where to pay attention

Critical thinking

Why Awareness Intelligence is neededCritical thinking diminishes when human’s inherent compassion and desire for truth is constrained. Unaware system justification is further blocking critical thinking and can also manifest in system-reinforcing victim blaming and stereotyping.

The Rhythm of the Dance of Life

How to Synchronize, Increase the Frequency, and Sustain the Rhythm of the Dance of Life Humans like stability to feel safe, and they seek preservation of their identity, whether it be good or bad. In the short-term, though, people often also do not like repetition as it leads them to boredom. In a time paced … Continue reading The Rhythm of the Dance of Life

LET YOURSELF OFFEND. The benefits of letting you get offended.

You get an understanding and compassionate ear here, but the most significant benefit lies in permitting me to offend you. First of all, if I didn’t dare to offend, I couldn’t be honest. Being offended offers a real-world check outside of one’s comfort zone. Second, if I solely entertained you, I’d waste your time distracting … Continue reading LET YOURSELF OFFEND. The benefits of letting you get offended.

The ‘Corona World War’ or the 3rd World War in Corona Times (4 min. read)

If the economy is not in constant struggle anyway, then during Corona times there are increased signs of war effects. Understanding the wider context is important. It takes critical thinking, courage, and a belief in positive change. But how? My repeated lesson is: win self-control instead of economic wars so that everyone benefits. The virtual … Continue reading The ‘Corona World War’ or the 3rd World War in Corona Times (4 min. read)

Healing beyond relief

Doctor’s don’t heal you, healing occurs within yourself. If life can create new bodies and souls, why shouldn’t it be able to heal the same? You will find everything you need in life if you serve it by helping all humanity that comes and goes. The assertive expression of your legitimate desires and quitting temporal states, spaces, and dependencies that are awareness-unintelligent is unavoidable to remove what is inhibiting the wholesome life in humantime that is available to you too.

The ability to respond

Recognize how important you are. Every dream for a better world, every creative act, and even a seemingly naive idea can inspire and provide the courage to break out of the cage of limited knowing. It’s about what you can do in your mind. It’s not compliance, but bold responsibility that nurtures your, others, and all humankind’s Awareness Intelligence. What else could be more worth to realize?! I, for my part, rather want to have tried.

Reading the book of life

Reading:“I knew intuitively that this was true and meaningful for me.”“I imagined all this colorful world of unlimited possibilities.”“It helped me strengthen my intention to pursue my purpose, whatever it takes.”Read to activate your brain, increase the working memory’s capacity, and expand attention span.Reading heightens brain connectivity.It’s not uncommon for people to say that a … Continue reading Reading the book of life

The Knowledge Hierarchy

Different types of knowledge can be logically structured into a hierarchical diagram. ​Example​ Data: 03772 41565 83385 10157 Information (interpretation): Heathrow weather station; visibility 15 km, sky completely cloudy; wind direction north west, speed 85 kts; temperature 15.7 degrees C. Knowledge (understanding): my experience says this will cause severe flight delays. Wisdom (insight): I shall book a train before other … Continue reading The Knowledge Hierarchy

Your life that is humantime

To be awareness-intelligent is to be aware of one’s awareness. Awareness is not everything, but without awareness there is nothing. When consciousness becomes aware, when awakening becomes intelligent, and when balance becomes harmonious, humantime has begun. Think yourself aware.

Leadership & (Em-)Power(-ment)

From our ‘80% Percent is Psychology’ session, Wednesday, January 16th, 2019. Thanks all for the great discussions! Force causes counter-force; and transactional leadership likely results in compliance only; It is transformational leadership based on inspiration and collaboration that increases most follower’s involvement and true commitment. It is not the acquisition of power (whether it be … Continue reading Leadership & (Em-)Power(-ment)

Inspirational Leadership: Allowing the Soul to be Free

1.Inspirational leadership is a less studied, but holistic concept that centers within the presence of a whole mind that is aware of the being and doing of the self and others. 2.As an inspirational leader who gives ideas to others, investing time and effort into self-development is vital. One can only give what’s inside of … Continue reading Inspirational Leadership: Allowing the Soul to be Free

80% is Psychology: The History & Philosophy of Learning for Life

Public Event · Hosted by Mathias Sager – School & Advisory and J-Global Inc., Tokyo Facebook: Meetup (Ticket): Hello and welcome! Whether in a few or many single sessions picked according to your interest, or be it by attending the whole certificate courses, you will learn, reflect upon, discuss and start to apply: How … Continue reading 80% is Psychology: The History & Philosophy of Learning for Life

Developing Cultural Empathy: Perspective Taking

This article reflects on example biases that could impact one’s intercultural behavior and decision making and how the role of the media is shaping ideas about cultures. Finally, specifics of the European culture are analyzed as relevant for global talent management issues. Culture is an unconsciously learned way of thinking and living of a particular … Continue reading Developing Cultural Empathy: Perspective Taking

Why People Justify Social Systems That Disadvantage Them

The paradox of the disadvantaged justifying authoritarian systems It can seem paradoxical that people often justify the existing social system even when this comes at personal and collective costs [1]. System Justification Theory (SJT) provides a framework to understand what the motives and contexts behind this phenomenon are [2]. SJT posits that an underlying ideology … Continue reading Why People Justify Social Systems That Disadvantage Them

M (Psychology Resources)

Ma, W., & Chan, A. (2014). Knowledge sharing and social media: Altruism, perceived online attachment motivation, and perceived online relationship commitment. Computers In Human Behavior, 3951-58. Ma, Y., Chen, X., Zhang, X., Ma, H., & Ran, G. (2017). Do attachment patterns predict aggression in a context of social rejection? An executive functioning account. Aggressive Behavior, doi:10.1002/ab.21700 Machamer, P., … Continue reading M (Psychology Resources)

B (Psychology Resources)

Bąbel, P. (2009). MOŻLIWOŚCI WYKORZYSTANIA PLACEBO DO WSPOMAGANIA WYNIKÓW SPOTOWYCH. / APPLICATIONS OF PLACEBO ACTION FOR SPORTS PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT. Polish Journal Of Sports Medicine / Medycyna Sportowa, 25(1), 11-29. Baddorf, M. (2016). Phenomenal consciousness, collective mentality, and collective moral responsibility. Philosophical Studies, 1-18. doi:10.1007/s11098-016-0809-x Baggett, T. K. (2016). Rosa Parks. Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia, Baggot, P. J., & Baggot, … Continue reading B (Psychology Resources)

Individual and Collective Products and Producers of Society

Content 1. Development of agentic power, 2. Forethought, intentionality, reactiveness, and self-reflection, 3. Collective efficacy: shared belief in agency, 4. Applied collective agency

Shopping for Truth in the ‘Wild West’ of Facts Finding

It’s a good time to think about the phenomenon of “fake news”. I’d like to share what I have found when searching for “alternative facts,” “political deception,” and “truthfulness & falsehood in politics“ as related to political persuasion from a scientific point of view.