Nothing heard, nothing seen? That’s often when the most happens. To the universe and back, back in my new studio. Here again, something in text and picture. All the best GALACTIC DOOR How I missedTo see behindThe monstrous burdenOf past beliefsAn inspired choiceFor a space of health How I enjoyTo feel throughThe gigantic wallOf present … Continue reading GALACTIC DOOR

THE LAST TEN YEARS: A Path to Awareness Intelligence

Looking back to the last 10 years*, 7 in Japan, 3 in Switzerland, it feels exciting, like having entered a second life. Without shame of losing face, studying, and practicing. A learning path to Awareness Intelligence. *Yes, sometimes I also look back … to learn without regret and without pressure to live up to a … Continue reading THE LAST TEN YEARS: A Path to Awareness Intelligence

New Terms (of Awareness Intelligence)

If open enough, one encounters ideas, even new ones, for which even the words are missing. If one tries to name these ideas aptly, our spelling is doubted. Clearly, the monopoly of defining terms and declaring important existing ideas dictates and those who do not comply are left as irrelevant behind search queries as unfound. … Continue reading New Terms (of Awareness Intelligence)

See it for what it is

SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS These aren’t linesNot an endBeginnings start circlesDo not fear deathAnd you’re love These aren’t squaresNot a cageTriangles open anglesRecognize the law of threeAnd you’re free These aren’t wallsNot a limitLayers build connectionsCultivate the parallelAnd you’re well — SIEH ES ALS WAS ES IST Das sind keine LinienKein AbschlussAnfänge beginnen … Continue reading See it for what it is


I FORGET I forget my limitsNot bound by historyResourced by intuitionI can see the truth from the pastLimitless fitness is my authentic choice I forget my fearsNot cultivated by societyReplaced by imaginationI can think the fairness in the presentFearless kindness is my courageous chance I forget my egoNot corrupted by moneyRetraced by intentionI can show … Continue reading FADING MEMORY


THE PALM TREE On the edge of vegetation, alone on the shoreCosmic endurance, bounded by no moreNot fearing the sun, nor the shadows, the cloudsThrowing its own light, strengthened by doubtsNot a mere contour, not depending on contrastEnergy without boundaries, one with the sandblastAnchored in the ground, yet reaching the skiesModest in its heart, free … Continue reading THE PALM TREE


GIVING BRIGHT How convenient that science creates formulas suggesting black holes resembling so much its sponsoring society of economic institutions and politics towards which all material gravitates. But maybe this is yet another cheat pack to distract from the truth? I know it’s trendy to cite Einstein, yet humanity hasn’t managed to leave its Newtonian world. … Continue reading GIVING BRIGHT


TO STRETCH Health, love, and wisdomDisturbed by birth, fear, and timeStretch the muscles, horizon, and the mindNatural, personal, soulfulFitness, kindness, and awarenessBirthless, fearless, timelessDeath, courage, and serviceDuring life, towards all, into the futureTo restore flexibly, entirely, sagelyOriginal, human, and eternalHealth, love, and wisdom DEHNEN Gesundheit, Liebe und WeisheitGestört durch Geburt, Angst und ZeitDehne die Muskeln, den Horizont … Continue reading TO STRETCH


CELL OF POWER Cell of the cosmic energy bodyAs cells renewSo do old forms of lifeDoer and creator of allStem of power, ultimate intelligenceHarmony of the systemAs complex as a metropolisDisturbed by substancesDrugged by fear and non-awarenessPhysiology affected by every single thought ZELLE DER KRAFT Zelle des kosmischen EnergiekörpersWenn sich Zellen erneuernSo tun dies auch alte LebensformenMacher … Continue reading CELL OF POWER


See also: ALL ONE, ALONE One for all and all for oneComforting words to not feel loneAll is one is our sloganIf they don’t agree, we fight ’emTaking care of everybodySorry, I’ve only got one bodyAfter all, the one is meAs the world’s about the moneyEyes believe to see it allClosed however, they reveal the wholeEither … Continue reading ALL ONE, ALONE / ALLE EINS, ALLEIN

Are You Sure?

ARE YOU SURE? According to Buddhist teaching, we all go through life with blinders on. We might be hiking along a forest road coming to a shack, one of those inviting oases, and we spot a rope rolled beside the entrance, but we mistake it for a snake. This provokes thoughts associated with that perception. … Continue reading Are You Sure?

The Subconscious: What we plant, we harvest

Do we have a dark side that we can’t help it? The self-responsible answer is no. It’s a character choice that needs to be consistent over time. The process between the conscious and the unconscious goes as follows: Every action and thought is motivated by the unconscious at some level. Some motives are temporarily not … Continue reading The Subconscious: What we plant, we harvest


OVER-TREATED Over-educated and over-treated We are treated and coached all the time. That is good for the gross national product; but is it also for us? Doesn’t the ever-increasing over-pedagogy of the young and over-treatment of the elderly mean that our upbringing and education do not make us self-effective individuals? Torn by our loved ones … Continue reading Overtreated

Lake Island

A vacation with my daughter Natalie. Is it a lake or island? It can look the same, but not at the same time. Green, greensand, ochre, umber, blue, turquoise. Land and water, summer and winter. Compiling it all into one at once, that’s how I show you the world. I love you, child of the … Continue reading Lake Island

10 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Pills (A Psychologist’s (not Psychiatrist’s) view)

In the US, one in six persons currently takes a psychotropic drug. In Switzerland, around one in ten regularly consume prescribed antidepressants. This population is a minority; all the others manage to live without, and so can you. Modern psychopharmacology began in 1950 with the synthesis of chlorpromazine. Only from then on, the industry started … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Pills (A Psychologist’s (not Psychiatrist’s) view)


IMAGINATION Can you imagine? Your agency, meaning in life, creativity, and satisfaction are depending on it  “Nothing happens in the real world unless it happens first in the images in our heads” (Gloria E. Anzaldúa)  “Through the inner channels of the imagination, we can see through the eyes of others, travel back to the past, … Continue reading Imagination