I love FOR you

I love FOR you. To love is to be, do, and become that,which is in the service of everyone. Because … … everyone is loved.If my bravery can make you rise again,Then I show you the ‘who’ you thought you couldn’t be. … everyone does need love.If my strength can heal your hurting wounds,Then I … Continue reading I love FOR you

Unconditional love

Only if you see this source of love in you, you will find it in others too. Noticing others’ loving energy causes strong emotions of affection and attraction to them. The extension of empathy to all souls, whether they have the Awareness Intelligence to express it too or not, enables compassion. The compassion of the extra-past in that sense is the knowing that at the core of all human expression is the identical love that we’ve discovered in our intra-past and that we joyfully yet without attachment experience in our affectionate inter-present encounters and relationships.

For the Love of Learning

For the love of learning!:-) October 10th, 19:00 at J-Global, B2 Yaesuguchi Kaikan, 1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 〒103-0028 https://www.facebook.com/events/296127901169930/ “We shouldn’t teach great lessons, we should teach a love of learning.” [- Inspired by B.F. Skinner]

To truly love a child

I have lost the child Of a lonely man Not in an accident nor war A suffering psyche of scar Has lost peace to seed Fear’s possessive greed Of a mother’s doubt what could be If she were free To truly love   I have won the children Of all world’s men Not by fighting … Continue reading To truly love a child

How To Support The Blogs You Love For Free! – Shop Girl Anonymous

I got reminded by this article how little I share by re-blogging. However, I enjoy so many articles and often do also comment as part of my blogging activity. Why shouldn’t this be made transparent to all followers (without to overwhelm with too many posts, of course)? So, living by example, I try to share … Continue reading How To Support The Blogs You Love For Free! – Shop Girl Anonymous

Dream 001 (#equality #future# #heart #kindness #love)

I dream that people (inclusive so called homo economicus) consistently value kindness over smartness. It is too easy and below human greatness that is in all of us to just be smart. I dream that the strength of choosing the hearty action is with all of us at every time. One more selfless daily effort from everyone results in billions of contagious love … Continue reading Dream 001 (#equality #future# #heart #kindness #love)

Work the love

Love achieved another goal Service disciplined harmony Retire the settled growth Became dependencies  in time Response to present back Never the ever strength Fought the thankful animal Being human fair realm Feed the eating teacher Change the role and game Projections display plan To get the taken work

Das Universum strickt sich keine Pullover

Das Sinnbild des roten Lebensfadens wird genutzt, um über das Leben zu philosophieren. Eine ausgeleierte Metapher? Auf jeden Fall ein oft und vielfältig interpretiertes Bild. Es lohnt sich, mal nahe am physischen Konzepts eines Fadens dran zu bleiben und von solchen Charakteristiken mögliche Parallen zum Leben abzuleiten.


WHO WOULD THEY CHOOSE If aliens chose to whom to talkNo necessity for intelligence nor resourcesGovernmental approval not requiredTheir superior awareness, interested inThe poetic and artistic capacity of humans If animals chose with whom to liveNo need for domestication nor exploitationBusiness profit not requiredTheir unconditional love thankful forThe compassionate and caring capacity of humans If … Continue reading WHO WOULD THEY CHOOSE

Capitalism is great

CAPITALISM IS GREAT Shit, how can I pay?Follow economy!Inherited through money,approved by aristocracy,capitalism is right.The shitty artists into ruin;they are not realisticabout the right way.Serving beauty doesn’t pay! Hell, how can I say?Follow politics!Merited through rights,approved by meritocracy,capitalism is great.The hellish comedians into shame;they are not seriousabout the great way.Serving humor doesn’t pay! Fuck, how … Continue reading Capitalism is great

The Three Doors To The Soul

Almost takenBy the habitual monotonyA trigger of awarenessA push of energyAnd I’m backTo do the workFor fitness Almost estrangedBy the usual anxietyA flicker of lightA grip of compassionAnd I’m backTo listen to the heartFor kindness Almost asleepBy the familiar apathyA glimpse of purposeA pull of inspirationAnd I’m back To follow the callingFor wisdom #art #artist #kunst #künstler #painting #Gemälde #acrylicpainting #modernart #modernekunst #abstract #abstrakt #contemporaryart #zeitgenössischekunst #poem #poetry #Gedicht #Poesie #psychology #Psychologie #Seele #soul #love #personaldevelopment #care #ILoveYouMyDaughterNatalie #Bewusstseinsintelligenz #awarenessintelligence


TORN OUT BY WAR I walk in an unknown, dust burnt by the sun, street, a busy one, and blocks in a line.Traces of war on walls, the street’s potholes, slow the convoys, and directed arms.Keeping the steady pace, to meet at my place, aimed to displace and cover my face.Shooting and hellfire, despite the … Continue reading TORN OUT BY WAR


BLINDEDI stroll around, the light is outLighting the lamp is blindingThe bright, from the dark it appears I listen to it, the music is a hitExcessive tones are blindingThe melody, from the silence it sounds I feel it all, the body is tallOverestimating pleasure is blindingThe strength, from the pain it gains I look for … Continue reading Blinded

Beauty in Imperfection

Like weathered woods of imperfectionStood up to life no matter whatA beauty that requires no correctionIts warmth and depth you didn’t forget Like worn clothes of non-confectionResisted strain how ever smutA quality that requisites no deceptionIts use and service you don’t reject Like used goods of full complexionEndured the challenge, never gave upA character that … Continue reading Beauty in Imperfection

Good Girl

GOOD GIRL (M. Sager, 2021. Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm) GOOD GIRL Good girlLiked by manyFollowing the rulesMastering the skillsObeying what’s toldBe praised To conform Desperate girlAvoided by mostIgnoring the foolsHiding the tearsStaying on holdBe chased To explore Freed girlLoved by yourselfCreating your toolsClimbing the hillsBecoming to unfoldBe encouraged To bloom BRAVES MÄDCHEN … Continue reading Good Girl

The Swan

THE SWAN That swanBeloved depth; bound foreverDefied cold; gone for neverSmooth gliding; ever and everThereIn the lake This swanRefreshing chatter; newly exploredLightened Darkness; flickering, consumedHeated up fog; swanning, desiredHereAt the lake #art#artist#kunst#künstler#painting#Gemälde#acrylicpainting#modernart#modernekunst#abstract#abstrakt#contemporaryart#zeitgenössischekunst#psychology#Psychologie#Poesie #poetry #poem #Schwan #swan #See #lake #Bewusstseinsintelligenz#awarenessintelligence