Mental health and risky sexual behavior

Mental disorders do potentially influence sexual risk taking, although one can find a somewhat equivocal picture that seems to evolve over time as research progresses. There are also explanations for how mental conditions influence the control of sexual practices. And, what does it take for successful interventions to reduce sexual health risk such as from … Continue reading Mental health and risky sexual behavior

BECOME RESILIENT: How to mentally configure the three basic human needs of safety, satisfaction, and connectedness

This article is part of a collaborative effort to shed light on the critically important topic of resilience. Three perspectives, however, revealing common patterns of the concept and approaches to become more resilient. You can read the original collaborative post on Patty’s Blog featuring the skilled helpers listed below: Learning resilience through flowing water … Continue reading BECOME RESILIENT: How to mentally configure the three basic human needs of safety, satisfaction, and connectedness

Using socio-temporal mental maps to navigate people’s worldviews

This article is about the fascinating science of mental schemas and worldviews and how they relate to a person’s meaning and well-being. You can try out the related self-reflection tool, an exciting psycho-philosophical adventure, at

Physical spacelessness and spatial mentalness

The collective human delusion assumes ‘spacetime’ instead of ‘humantime’ as the fabric of the universe. I always arrive again at the conclusion that the dimensions relevant to humanity are those of how we relate to our species respectively life and how we refer to time. Therefore, our awareness should comprise the combination of social and temporal dimensions rather than the combination of space and time.

Integrating Eastern Philosophies, Transpersonal Theories, and Phenomenological Approaches into Developmental Lifespan Psychology

Content: Universalities and Cultural Differences. Closing Holes in West-centric Researches. Eastern Philosophies and Transpersonal Psychology. Expanding Consciousness and Phenomenological Ways of Knowing.

Lifetime Stability & Changeability of Personality (Developmental Psychology)

Summary. Research from developmental psychology is suggesting that personality traits are inherently stable across a lifetime. Some characteristics may explain actual behavior or predict future development. This post, however, examines the question related to how much of our underlying personality is “nature or nurture.” In summary, genetic factors are independent of age and sex influencing … Continue reading Lifetime Stability & Changeability of Personality (Developmental Psychology)

How to frame a message that it is most persuasive (on the example of encouraging healthy eating)

Unhealthy diet due to excessive consumption of fat and sugar can lead to increased risks such as obesity (Kakoschke, Kemps, & Tiggemann, 2014). According to Pettigrew (2015), food marketers contribute significantly to pushing unhealthy products that meets the consumers’ desire for flavorful, easily available, and cheap food. How to frame a message that it is … Continue reading How to frame a message that it is most persuasive (on the example of encouraging healthy eating)

Generic neurotransmitter system

Identifying a NeurotransmitterA neurotransmitter is defined as a chemical messenger that carries, boosts, and balances signals between neurons, or nerve cells, and other cells in the body. These chemical messengers can affect a wide variety of both physical and psychological functions including heart rate, sleep, appetite, mood, and fear. Billions of neurotransmitter molecules work constantly … Continue reading Generic neurotransmitter system

The Development of Cultural Agility (A Literature Review)

Introduction Advancing globalization requires new workplace competencies [1]. Among Global Talent Managers, there is the sobering realization that people working in an increasingly global environment find themselves challenged in acquiring the necessary cultural agility [2] In today’s world Global talent management, mobility, and cultural agility belong together [3]. “Bridging the global skills gap” through international … Continue reading The Development of Cultural Agility (A Literature Review)

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Learned Helplessness (LH) and the Need to Promote Hope

Learned helplessness and some psychological disorders Dogs who experienced repeatedly unavoidable electro shocks learned that they have no control over escaping from such painful events [1], and henceforth developed a cognitive deficit in the form of generalizing the helplessness expectation to other situations [2]. This phenomenon is also considered reduced incentive motivation [3]. Mental patterns … Continue reading Learned Helplessness (LH) and the Need to Promote Hope

Boosting Self-esteem to Help Trusting Others Too

Attachment theory is critical in analyzing personal characteristics and relational behaviors across the lifespan [1] (see also article “Different Types of Attachment and Socio-emotional Development Throughout the Lifespan“). Bowlby’s findings that individuals construct internal representations of the self and others that serve as guidelines on how to behave in social interactions [2] might indeed have … Continue reading Boosting Self-esteem to Help Trusting Others Too