How we became from a “pulling from” to a “pushed to” society

Do you realize that the pendulum switched? The future is here. There were only a few gaps to close, why even the digital generation has not been aware of losing their possibility to pull. It is definitely history that with free choice we can selectively draw from the endless streams of tunneled information to which … Continue reading How we became from a “pulling from” to a “pushed to” society

Individual and Collective Products and Producers of Society

Content 1. Development of agentic power, 2. Forethought, intentionality, reactiveness, and self-reflection, 3. Collective efficacy: shared belief in agency, 4. Applied collective agency


WHO WOULD THEY CHOOSE If aliens chose to whom to talkNo necessity for intelligence nor resourcesGovernmental approval not requiredTheir superior awareness, interested inThe poetic and artistic capacity of humans If animals chose with whom to liveNo need for domestication nor exploitationBusiness profit not requiredTheir unconditional love thankful forThe compassionate and caring capacity of humans If … Continue reading WHO WOULD THEY CHOOSE

Capitalism is great

CAPITALISM IS GREAT Shit, how can I pay?Follow economy!Inherited through money,approved by aristocracy,capitalism is right.The shitty artists into ruin;they are not realisticabout the right way.Serving beauty doesn’t pay! Hell, how can I say?Follow politics!Merited through rights,approved by meritocracy,capitalism is great.The hellish comedians into shame;they are not seriousabout the great way.Serving humor doesn’t pay! Fuck, how … Continue reading Capitalism is great


TORN OUT BY WAR I walk in an unknown, dust burnt by the sun, street, a busy one, and blocks in a line.Traces of war on walls, the street’s potholes, slow the convoys, and directed arms.Keeping the steady pace, to meet at my place, aimed to displace and cover my face.Shooting and hellfire, despite the … Continue reading TORN OUT BY WAR

Good Girl

GOOD GIRL (M. Sager, 2021. Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm) GOOD GIRL Good girlLiked by manyFollowing the rulesMastering the skillsObeying what’s toldBe praised To conform Desperate girlAvoided by mostIgnoring the foolsHiding the tearsStaying on holdBe chased To explore Freed girlLoved by yourselfCreating your toolsClimbing the hillsBecoming to unfoldBe encouraged To bloom BRAVES MÄDCHEN … Continue reading Good Girl


Like a bird, you can let your thoughts fly across the infinite topology of awareness. But be wary; to have a birds-eye view on the wholeness of the world can be intimidating; too much is it also a threat to poles of powers everywhere. The flight routes of free birds guided by the universal intelligence … Continue reading Birds


The glorified vision of cybernetic organisms aimed at “improving” humans through electromechanical devices and software algorithms is a mechanistic approach that reduces humans to machines. Instead of a cyborg-like facade and mind, developments would be desirable, through which the human beings learns again to express their inner authentic, unique, creative and colorful true self with … Continue reading CYBORG / SPIRORG

Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs?

Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs? Which one would you choose to visualize your life? They may seem quite similar and yet be very different. Both go along nine stages of a lifespan but in different directions and different coloring. Birth Kindergarten, school Work-life Marriage Having children Building/buying a house Career/Personal development Retirement Death … Continue reading Lifespan Development: Cultural norms or personal needs?

Learning from the Intra-Past

Learning for life, for one’s own identity, is learner-led and requires conditions of personal freedom; this also applies when learning from the past. The free Self (one’s intrapersonal level), not culture, societal history, religion, and judgment of others around us, teaches us about our true Self. There are three main obstacles to self-reflective learning from … Continue reading Learning from the Intra-Past


“Many of us have been convinced that we carry the darkness within us, in our selfish genes. “It is simply human nature,” we’re told, “to rape and kill and enslave—and anyone who thinks otherwise is a foolish romantic.” This messaging not only offends our decency and dignity, it insults our intelligence. The depiction of human … Continue reading CIVILIZED TO DEATH

Identity: Who are you?

Identity: Who are you? What a significant purpose of life: Life isn’t about learning to fit in somewhere; it is about creating somebody new. Socio-cultural identities Of course, you may want to stay social and cooperative with people in your life. However, with time, the nature of these relationships might transform as your awareness regenerates. … Continue reading Identity: Who are you?

Land of Awaria

Life is proving us constantly that peace is possible to the extent human awareness is embracing it. Consequently, if all the world is scoped-in for ambitions of peace, a peaceful world indeed becomes attainable. An awaria can come through the dissolution of the illusion of separated and separating personal and societal identities, which would not … Continue reading Land of Awaria

The Intelligent Plant

The intelligent plant A man who loved lonely, carefree hikes across the country, noticed one day a strangely shaped plant in a narrow, elongated hedge between a meadow and a field. It seemed as if this spectacular plant was calling the man to it. With a queasy feeling, but driven by his even stronger curiosity, … Continue reading The Intelligent Plant

The 3 types of Psychic Blindness, which prevent Awareness Intelligence

Mindfulness is a buzzword used all over. But still, few seem to understand what exactly the mind should be full of. Most people do not systematically think about their thinking; they do not reflect on their scope of awareness. Psychic blindness appears to be a common issue and, therefore, hinders natural fitness, unconditional kindness, and … Continue reading The 3 types of Psychic Blindness, which prevent Awareness Intelligence

Identities: Obstacles to change

[This article was also published together with other authors at the ‘Skilled Helpers Collaborative’:] Transitions can be defined as “change from one form to another.” In physical life, change is inevitable. So, we (and all matter) constantly change. Our body that we occupied only a few years ago does not contain the same atoms … Continue reading Identities: Obstacles to change

LET YOURSELF OFFEND. The benefits of letting you get offended.

You get an understanding and compassionate ear here, but the most significant benefit lies in permitting me to offend you. First of all, if I didn’t dare to offend, I couldn’t be honest. Being offended offers a real-world check outside of one’s comfort zone. Second, if I solely entertained you, I’d waste your time distracting … Continue reading LET YOURSELF OFFEND. The benefits of letting you get offended.

Learning theories

​Behaviorism’s approach to learning is like a black box and is about observable behavior.Cognitivism, on the other hand, is structured, computational. And Constructivism conceptualizes learning as creating social meaning by the learner.Influencing factorsThe influencing factors for behaviorism in learning are the nature of reward, punishment, and stimuli. In Cognitivism, these are about existing schemas, previous experiences, … Continue reading Learning theories