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Awareness Intelligence


The novel Self-Reflection Tool (Online)

Research Paper on Awareness Intelligence / Self-Reflection Tool

Like Relativity theory is essential to Physics, Awareness Intelligence guides a new understanding of the mental world. Contemporary issues such as health risks, conflicts, and inequality do point to a single most critical cause: Unawareness of lack of awareness. Awareness Intelligence is a specific constellation of ‘awareness about awareness’ and represents the break-through decoding of a socio-temporal structure of the human soul. The tripartite socio-temporal matrix of Awareness Intelligence provides for a mental reference system that empowers for spiritual exploration and practical application of meaning, love, and compassion that is teachable to anybody for increased well-being, organization thriving, and the common good alike.

Thanks to dedication and a multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and inter-generational approach, the discovery and deciphering of Awareness Intelligence has become possible. Logically derived, mapped to ancient wisdom, and supported by practical contemporary examples, I explain why it’s time to shift perceptions in fragmented spacetime to intelligent thought patterns in so-called ‘humantime.’


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