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Painting FROM CONSCIOUSNESS TO AWARENESS INTELLIGENCE (M. Sager, 2021. Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 120 cm)

An electrical device neither contains nor produces electricity itself nor is our body the source of life energy. Instead, a body only comes to life and a brain becomes conscious when it is connected to life energy. Next: Control is required. While consciousness turns on the power supply, intelligent awareness controls activities and behavior (e.g. using record buttons, erasing, playing, stop buttons). A person, although stimulated by consciousness, would not be able to realize his or her self-actualization without intelligent (self) experience. So, it is not enough to sit in consciousness-raising meditation. It is also insufficient to run only externally controlled programs. Awareness Intelligence requires:

  • getting up thoughtfully (vs. being instinctively driven by un-reflected emotions),
  • to react courageously to one’s own soul desires (vs. following external programs),
  • to create authentically (vs. depending on external expectations), and
  • to connect universally with a higher life goal (vs. self-interested belonging to exclusive groups).

Let’s turn on the energy from within and play our own lives for the good of all!

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VON BEWUSSTSEIN ZU BEWUSSTSEINSINTELLIGENZ (M. Sager, 2021. Acryl auf Leinwand, 150 x 120 cm)

Ein elektrisches Gerät enthält oder produziert weder selbst Elektrizität, noch ist unser Körper die Quelle der Lebensenergie. Stattdessen wird ein Körper nur dann lebendig und ein Gehirn bewusst, wenn an Lebensenergie angeschlossen. Weiter: Kontrolle ist erforderlich. Während das Bewusstsein die Stromversorgung einschaltet, steuert Bewusstseinsintelligenz das Verhalten (z. B. Verwenden von Aufnahmetasten, Löschen, Spielen, Stopptasten, etc.). Ein Mensch, obwohl zwar von Bewusstsein angeregt, wäre ohne intelligentes Bewusstsein/intelligente (Selbst-)Erfahrung jedoch nicht in der Lage, seine Selbstverwirklichung zu realisieren. Es reicht also nicht aus, in bewusstseinsfördernder Meditation zu sitzen. Auch ist es unzureichend, lediglich von aussen kontrollierte Programme ablaufen zu lassen. Bewusstseinsintelligenz erfordert,

  • nachdenklich aufzustehen (vs. instinktiv von ungeprüften Emotionen getrieben zu werden),
  • mutig auf die eigenen Seelenwünsche zu reagieren (vs. externen Programmen zu folgen),
  • authentisch zu kreieren (vs. abhängig von externen Erwartungen), und
  • sich universell mit einem höheren Lebensziel zu verbinden (vs. eigennützigem Zugehören zu exklusiven Gruppen).

Lass’ uns die innere Energie einschalten und unser eigenes Leben zum Wohle aller spielen!

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Return to roundness

Painting RETURN TO ROUNDNESS (M. Sager, 2021. Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 120 cm)

RETURN TO ROUNDNESS Unisex Softstyle T-Shirt (Awareness Intelligence, 2021 Edition )

As energy works in waves, life operates in the softness and roundness of circles and cycles. The earth rotates around the sun, we sleep and wake in rhythmic sequels, like the circle of birth and death. What a contrast we create between the spherical, freely flowing world of life energy and the squared and edged compositions of the frightened human mind seeking physical protection. Instead of predominantly angular, cubic, boxed, parceled, square, and sharp constructions, round forms around us would remind us more accurately about the real, non-threatening nature of life. What is in form and still has edges, gets rounded up and polished by life’s allies, such as wind and water, until the shape is smoothened and eventually dissolved at all. And so does the human body’s contours that become softer as it ages. Indeed, all form is coming from round and soft wombs and nests, and eventually everything is returning to the smooth nature of roundness. The life-giving, creative, and protective feminine nature plays an important role in the awareness-intelligent understanding of a return to roundness that we so badly need.

(Edited excerpt from M. Sager, 2018. Awareness Intelligence)

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The mountain

The mountain (M. Sager 2021, acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70 cm)

Pleasures are shortcuts for joy, meaning does trump happiness, and everything starts with being your true self as if there were no expectations and boundaries to you. Don’t take the lift and complain about bad fitness; climb one mountain after the other. Unlearn the stories of deficiencies you told yourself. Overcome the illusion of being able to possess or be possessed by any worldly thing or person, and thereby take the chance to choose change toward a more awareness-intelligent humanness.

(Excerpt from Awareness Intelligence, M. Sager. 2019)

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Shaped into the expression of freedom (‘Pre-art’ at VAN DER PLAS Galery NY)

Trinity Warrior II, acrylic on wood panel, 80 x 80 cm

‘Vor Kunst’

“Das Symbolische ist die Vorkunst; und das Symbolische hat dahin fortzugehen, daß das geistige frei werde und sich eine Gestalt gebe, daß sein Dasein Nicht auch ein anderes vorstellt, sondern nur das Geistige vorstellt. Das ist das Ziel des Symbolischen”

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Van Der Plas Gallery is issuing an open call for artists to exhibit their artwork in our upcoming show entitled ‘ Vor Kunst’. “Art proper, for Hegel, is the sensuous expression or manifestation of a free spirit in a medium (such as metal, stone, or color) that has been deliberately shaped or worked by human beings into the expression of freedom. The sphere of ‘pre-art’ comprises art that falls short of art proper in some way…Compared to genuine art, ‘pre-art’ [or Vor Kunst] rests on a relatively abstract conception of spirit.” ( Hegel’s Aesthetics )

The artworks submitted:

Description of the Work 

The current state of common thinking tries to create dualistic balances (win-lose situations), while it would be better to see triadic harmonies instead (collaborative situations). The Trinity Warriors are fighting against the dualistic thinking in this world of paradoxes and promote a trialistic (threefold) worldview. That’s why they are shaped by the Celtic symbols for trinity, the Triskelion and the Triquetra, both of which I rediscovered by researching the history of the European/Swiss region I live in. Are you ready for the next step in thinking: From dualistic to trialistic? As you change how you look at the world, the world you look at will change.

TRINITY WARRIOR II (M. Sager, 2020). Acrylic on wood panel, 80 x 80 cm

Trinity-warrior-II msthias sager psychology art painting

TRINITY WARRIOR I (M. Sager, 2020). Acrylic on wood panel, 80 x 80 cm

Trinity-warrior-I mathias sager psychology art painting


Mathias Sager is born in Zurich in 1975 and grew up in Switzerland. For many years he lived in Tokyo and also in Pune/India. Mathias is passionate about developing human potential, which is an overarching theme throughout all his work that is based on independent research and supported by intuition and art. Through teaching, counseling, and leading individuals and teams around the world, and with a background in education sciences, an EMBA in information and communication technology, as well as an MSc in Psychology, Mathias’ goal is to inspire with interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural approaches to personal and professional development for individual well-being and the common good alike. For Mathias, psychology and art belong together, why his paintings often appear together with written pieces of psycho-philosophical research and wisdom.

Artist Statement 

As the inventor of the concept of ‘Awareness Intelligence,’ which is the ability to expand and systematically use one’s thinking in the full scope of time and social relationships in a triadic constellation, I regularly take up the number 3 in my works. My art intends to remain raw, simple, and naively colorful, yet intelligently connecting the dots according to the holistic thinking behind. I invite the viewer of my work to give a second look to get that systematic. What is put into my paintings is (1) self-reflection, (2) love of social connections, and (3) the care for the next generation. It is thought that fuels the painting process, which then generates awareness-intelligent emotions, hopefully for the viewer too. Whenever the creative experience becomes work, I bring it back to fun through disregarding any methodological and technical considerations if needed; the term “play,” from that perspective, would better reflect the nature of my creative process. 

Can you see the wheel of joy (࿋) in my face?

Painting TRINITY WARRIOR IV (M. Sager, 2020. Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80 cm)

Trinity Warrior IV

A face also seems to me to be in three parts (instead of just left/right, up/down) -> ࿋ wheel of joy. It’s a bit more difficult to recognize, but all the more dynamic/harmonious (as with everything :-)).

We can photograph the outer world, but our inward view has to be painted.

Painting SOUL (M. Sager, 2020. Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 120 cm)

The POWER OF THE HUMAN SOUL T-Shirt Unisex Ultra Cotton Tee (Awareness Intelligence, 2021 Edition)

Comprehensive awareness is like the capturing of light, which is our soul’s essential yearning. Life wants to reveal itself to us. Even if we close our eyes, some light is shining through the lids. The clouds are not a part of the sky. It’s never completely dark; there is always radiating vividness. To see clearly, wait until the clouds are gone. They are just the changing and passing stories others and we tell ourselves. Look inside, reflect the light, and enlighten your awareness. That’s how you regain orientation and freedom that comes from foresight, providence, and trust.

Compared to the massive investments put into the marketing of consumer goods and the enhancement of our five senses, investments into understanding and developing the human mind to increase well-being and health, stay comparatively modest. It would not only make sense, but it is our responsibility to promote the empowerment of the human mind, to teach how to use the most powerful tool there is, human awareness, as a matter of priority in all societies.

The indefinite power of the human soul and mind can be unlocked as human beings evolve from doing ‘sightseeing’ to ‘thoughtthinking.’ This will intensify the understanding and appreciation of the mental world and propel the development of Awareness Intelligence. No field of science or any advanced forms of artificial intelligence have been able to solve the disconnect between the people that causes all the issues of inner and outer conflict. It’s the power of awareness that has the potential to link separateness together and to unify. It’s time to become more aware of our absence of awareness, the only way to solve the remaining problems of humanity, which are all due to shallow lives lost in thoughtless wandering.

Excerpts from Awareness Intelligence (M. Sager, 2019)

Life Patterns (Poems & Paintings) – BOOK

3 x 19
Poems and paintings captured
along the Happy Colorful Growth path
of life.

For my daughter Natalie.
Tokyo, Summer 2018.

Mathias Sager

mathias-sager-life patterns-happy colorful growth-book-painting-poetry

36 Days of Happy Colorful Growth

However it looks like, it feels the process. 36 days of compound effect. Daily happy, colorful growth reflection. Can’t wait to add the next growth ring.


Mathias Sager “36 Days of Happy Colorful Growth”, Oil on Canvas, P12 606 x 455 cm

Current ‘Happy Colorful Growth’ painting

1. Thought on art/painting

Art can express the inexplicable. That’s  a remarkable potential we have because we still can’t explain the most important things, such as why there are ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ and what to do about it. Limitations in expression are limiting the thinking (yes, also this way round). We feel that there is something, somewhere in us, that holds more answers than we can explain with words. Art/painting is a key to the next human breakthrough in consciousness.

2. Most recent paintings


#76 Lake bed (Life water painting series,

Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, F10 530 x 455)

Continue reading Current ‘Happy Colorful Growth’ painting

Life water painting series

mathias-sager-lake-bed-painting-20170513#76 Lake bed (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, F10 530 x 455)

mathias-sager-deep-water-painting-20161114#67 Deep water [life water painting series] (Mathias Sager, oil colour water mixable on wood panel, M12 60.6 cm x 41.0 cm)

#045 Flood (Mathias Sager, watermixable oil colours on canvas boards, 3 times 3F 27.5×22.1×0.4 cm (10.6″x8.7″x0.16″))
#036 Volcano lake garden (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 53x46x0.4 cm (20.8″x18.1″x0.16″))
#013 Glowing water (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 46.7×38.1×0.4 cm (18.4″x15″0.16″))
#009 Culture lake I (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 41.1×31.8×0.4 cm (16.2″x12.5″x0.16″))
Picture Culture Lake II
#008 Culture Lake II (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 41.1×31.8×0.4 cm (16.2″x12.5″x0.16″))
#007 Toranomon Shrine pond (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 33.5×24.3×0.4 cm (13.2″x9.6″x0.16″))

Art / Paintings

All Art

(mathias sager – Psychology & Art)

Hello Mathias! Tell us a few words about yourself. What does a typical day look? Do you just do art, or is art just part of the picture?

Hello! Thank you very much for having me! I’m an artist, although I’m a psychologist too. I’ve decided to work part-time to dedicate sufficient time to art, painting, and related writing. During my job in a youth home as a work/learning coach, I also enjoy introducing and motivating young people to the unlimited possibilities of art, which is an insight and experience that I consider essential for personal development. In everyday life in my residential studio, I can’t wait to get up and immerse myself in the inspiring environment of finished and works in progress, their forms, colors, and meaning. This doesn’t necessarily mean early mornings, as I often paint deep into the night following intuition and inspiration as they come and flow. That way, art is always present in my daily life as a means of self-expression and empowerment of others.

Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path as an artist?

Yes. The pivotal point was when I was driving by a little homeless girl in the streets of Mumbai, India, during a business trip. The girl was about the same age as my daughter. As we looked each other in the eyes, I could no longer stand my relatively ignorant and wasteful lifestyle as a businessman. Instead, I felt to have to dedicate my life to more meaningful activities. A bit later, I lost my daughter through gatekeeping and parental alienation, representing a loss that couldn’t be worse. This cemented my pursuit of creating (painting and writing) for a more just and peaceful world. I was later able to travel to India again, this time as a psychologist and artist on a social mission. Art is a means to staying connected with my beloved daughter, the street girl in Mumbai, and all humanity. I feel satisfyingly obliged to do what I do, I see meaning in it, and it makes me happy that art always offers new opportunities to learn and teach. In this sense, it was not a decision in the sense of a career decision to become a painter, but a logical and constantly evolving consequence of cultivating the belief in the necessity and possibility of visualizing the invisible and being able to manifest positive changes. Now, after more than seven years of consistent and dedicated work, I think a professional artist’s identity has started to crystallize in a way that hopefully helps my mission going forward too.

Tell us about your artwork, medium, style, subject matter etc.

The outer world can be photographed; the inner world I have to paint. I’m capturing inner pictures and dream- and vision-like forms and ambiances that often seem to lack precision, although they are worked out into details just enough to hint at what could be meant. Acrylic paints are my medium of choice as they allow me to overpaint and layer quicker to get rough surfaces and create structures. I like to use not only brushes but to press, scratch, grind, and polish with any objects like sticks, sculpting toys, sponges, and whatever I find in my atelier. Harmonic expression through appealing forms, their distribution, and intense coloring is essential to me, as is the choice of diverse formats to capture this aesthetic. Human contours often appear on my art, sometimes even emerging in unexpected ways during the process. This isn’t surprising, though, as my psychology and art always revolve around the topic of developing human potential.

You’ve lived in Tokyo and also in Pune/India. How much is your art influenced by travel, and different cultures?

After leaving my home country permanently for so many years, I had consciously and unconsciously radically forgotten my social identity. I recognized the random and relative nature of the particular cultures into which we were born. A more global mindset than ever has certainly contributed to a diversity of my thinking and, consequently, to subjects and painting styles. From a technical point of view, learning to write Japanese characters has influenced my love for characters and shapes. Since Kanjis are often pictographic representations of objects and meanings, they have further inspired and trained my sense of symbolism. From India I have a deep love for earthy and bright colors; think spices, textiles, landscapes.

You say psychology and art belong together. Tell me more about that connection, and your process of making an artwork.

For me, art situates between science and intuition, intellect and emotion. Mostly, my creations start with thought patterns that arise from (self-)reflection. I visually process these into a piece of art, and eventually, I become the emotionally reacting and revising spectator of the work. The purpose of my psychology is less the pursuit of a conventional notion of happiness than the one of a more profound sense of meaning. That is why the fascination of ingenuity beyond mere “decorative” beauty is important to me. Art helps me to clarify and imagine a meaningfully courageous world of social criticism and renewal, to find the true self, unconditional love and the connection with all of humanity. I hope to inspire many more with the combination of psycho-philosophical texts with paintings for individual well-being and the common good.

Which artist of the past would you most like to meet, and why?

I enjoy the works and admire the lives of many artists of the past and present, but I refuse to be influenced by others; it would be contradictory to the unlearning of social conditioning that I promote. I want to show my true self, not my educated self. I want to be universally human and not a disciple of any particular doctrine. Many artists I’d be most interested in possibly didn’t become famous enough to be discoverable. At the same time, I’m not sure if it is always a good sign for the famous artists to have been selected to fit into the history books of wars, humanitarian crises, and ongoing environmental degradation. While I’m optimistic regarding human potential, it often appears that the world didn’t become a healthier, happier, and more peaceful place so far. I’d like to meet future artists who not only contribute to a revamp of capitalism but who do increase awareness of true humanism. Nevertheless, if I could go back and meet an artist of the past, I would meet somebody like young artist Adolf Hitler and try to help him through the difficult times of his ruined dream to become a professional artist as he saw it after repeated rejection by modern art institutions. As a result, he lived in frustration and self-doubt and out of need to survive as an artist in cheap apartments and even homeless shelters. If he had felt worthy, accepted and capable despite the rejection of others, he may have continued to paint Mother Mary with the Holy Child, quiet houses on lakes with mountains and seek peaceful creativity instead of following destructive external power and confirmation as the dictator of the Nazi regime.

Share some interesting facts about your art with us.

As I do with Zen Shiatsu massages, for example, energy is put into the work. That’s why the originality of every piece is important to me. Every painting contains a spirit. Interestingly, people who acquired my paintings often stay in contact with me, and as they travel the artworks travel with them and the positive energy expands too.

Could you expand on your concept of ‘Awareness Intelligence’?

Today’s scientific and popular notion of social intelligence is still limited to “me” and “we.” As I published in my psychology dissertation, I’ve systematically added the extra-personal level of ‘they, all humanity’ to a coherent framework combining all social/human connectedness levels to all modes of time (the past, present, and future). The socio-temporal spot(s) our thinking mostly orients towards creates our worldview that has significant psychological and behavioral implications. Most of today’s problems stem from a lack of awareness related to the extra-future, i.e., the consistent thinking about how we connect to all humanity and the future. This may sound logical and easy; however, to truly making the extra-personal future to one’s purposeful identity requires the ability to abandon much of the desire for (material) security, giving up the need for approval from others, and radically accepting our very own mortality, respectively, our true essence that is the soul. More detailed explanations and illustrations about the concept, applications, and benefits of Awareness Intelligence can be found on my blog

Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

Art is inherent to the services I offer as a psychologist and vice versa. I always welcome people in my atelier for self-reflection and painting experiences. In terms of shows and projects, I’m currently preparing for a contribution to the book ‘Artists Anthology. Contemporary Art 2021: Madrid Edition.’ which will be presented at the Fine Arts Circule in Madrid to clients, artists, art galleries, and cultural institutions on October 15th, 2021. Copies of the ISBN registered book will be deposited in the National Library of Spain. Also, I got invited to exhibit chosen works at the ‘M.A.D.S. contemporary physical gallery’ in Milano in February/March (on the topic of ‘Gaia’), including a multimedia-setup, digital channels, live streaming, and reportage with critical reviews and catalog of the exhibition.

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Absolutely, as it hopefully became evident from my previous answers. Art is the most serious thing in the world, albeit business is often seen as such. As I understand it, art is about finding the true meaning of life and a deeper sense of existence, exploring the true and visible beauty of nature, and uncovering hidden potential and imagining ill-considered possibilities. Suddenly, not the overarching relevance of art but the ‘scarce resources’ game of (commercial) institutions appears to be trivial. It was never organizations that really started to change the world for the better, but rather individuals who bravely and artfully came forward to question the current state of affairs.

What are you currently working on, and what is next for you?

I’m working on becoming stronger, more self-sufficient, and radiating the change I want to see as a role model myself. On that journey, I’ve experienced that inspiration never fails to show up precisely in the right moment. Therefore, I haven’t planned anything else than staying dedicated, listening/watching and expressing in my art what’s showing up inside. I know exactly my direction towards making a significant difference for a healthier and more peaceful world (individually and collectively), but not the exact path leading there. I trust that the dots will connect at some point going forward, be it during or after my lifetime.