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‘The future post-history’ (poem) & ‘Why history should be mostly abandoned in school’ (statement)


The future post-history

The less disturbed the vision, the freer growing future
Not more than opinionated story from the past
You can even see the limitation of history

And enable for an independent future
Let’s abandon teaching the past
We didn’t learn from history

To our children’s future
To impose our past
We use history

The future
Post hi


Why history should be mostly abandoned in school

Regarding how to live a meaningful and peaceful life, we have not learned from history. Children are by nature not interested in our past. They are interested in their future. Therefore, not only independence and self-realization should be taught at school at any age, but investments in teaching history should be mostly abandoned. Instead of depriving our children of their visions by imposing our history, we should encourage them to shape their future freely.


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Shaping one’s life

#61 RGB II (Mathias Sager, Oil colors water mixable on wood board, 3 panels each 33.3 x 22.0 x 1.2 cm)

A life nicely centered between birth and death
As it is acting like knowing its symmetry around a peak
Assuming a ceiling point until which to invest
According to plans for success and wealth
Allowing a balanced ascension and decline
All forming the pyramid of life


A life interestingly gone astray in chaos of time
As it is anticipating what was never expected to occur
Assuming abundance seen as a result of giving
According to teachings for personal growth
Allowing an adventurous dive in uncertainty
All forming the pot of life


A life
As it is
Assuming nothing
According to nature
All forms of life



Life, why did you choose to be selfless my child

Birth, who will I accept to be artful in the otherworld

Kinship, how is it known to be timeless from others

Unity, what lets humanity to be mindful of that love

Family, where can I realize to be limitless to meet you



Is it a crux
the hierarchical matrix?
Is it a biological gender reflex
to weaken the other sex
for a Rolex?
No, rather a revenge for the monetary fix
caused by the societal greedy X

Is it to apology
the societal partiality?
Is it a gender norm of biography
to deny the opportunity
for diversity?
No, rather a justification for the cultural why
of the exclusivity of the Y

Answer for fatherlessness

#046 Look, our children! (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colours on canvas board, 53x46x0.4 cm (20.8″x18.1″x0.16″))

There’s a reason why you couldn’t give birth alone
Do you think it’s natural to create a fatherless home?

There’s confusion why as a child you were lone
Do you think it’s common that fathers are gone?

There’s a bitter coldness in a manless syndrome
Do you think you could choose better and overcome?

There’s a lovingly caring father waiting at home
Do you think our daughter too shouldn’t have one?

There’s so much warm support to grow the gem
Do you think it’s threatening you to allow a ‘them’?

There’s a selfless duty of every daughter’s mom
Do you think it’s OK that you claim to be the only one?

There’s a chance that you’ll be forgiven some
Do you think you can live with the consequence to come?

There’s the father’s will to be his daughter’s sun
Do you think at least to tell her where this poem’s from?

You live with it

#038 No sleep (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 46.7×38.1×0.4 cm (18.4″x15″x0.16″))

As he didn’t you couldn’t
He did anyway you reason
Although he wouldn’t
You live with that prison

As he didn’t you couldn’t
He did anyway you justify
Although he wouldn’t
You live with that alibi

As he didn’t you couldn’t
He did anyway you explain
Although he wouldn’t
You live with that pain

A Partner Who Cares

Family groove painting

A partner who has no time
Is easy to blame
No need for shame
All yours is mine

A partner who has time
Is hard to defame
No basis for game
All appearance is fine

A partner who doesn’t care
Is easy to compare
No need to dare
All ours is my affair

A partner who does care
Is hard to despair
No lies are fair
All love to share

A partner who isn’t strong
Is easy to get along
No need to belong
All transaction’s ping-pong

A partner who is strong
Is hard to prove wrong
No need for forked tongue
All suffering becomes a song

You’ll never arrive

Lost city (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, P10 530 x 410)

Running till retirement
when you’ll change environment
Running till the end of the year
when you’ll forget all of your fear
Running till career promotion
when you’ll feel success emotion
Running till next vacation
when you’ll improve situation
Running till the weekend
when you’ll meet your friend
Running till tonight
when you’ll feel delight
Running till lunch time
when you’ll be fine
Running till a break
when you’ll awake
Running till next coffee
when you’ll be softly
Running till next cigarette
when you’ll make it forget
Running till …

… you’ll never arrive

About living in the present


I used to overthink in the past

But I thought about the past in the present
And about the future in the present
So I stopped to think about time
And I forgot about the past in the present
And about the future in the present

I will live thoughtless in the future

But I stumbled over the past in the present
And over the future in the present
So I stopped not to think about time
And I’m selecting from the past in the present
And prioritizing for the future in the present

I am mindful in the present

Being great

#025 Kanji II, Happy Colorful Growth (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 53x46x0.4 cm (20.8″x18.1″x0.16″))

How great is it to walk without the ability to run
How great is it to jump if flying isn’t in one’s might
How great is it to find pictures instead of searching words
How great is it to have courage without encouragement
How great is it to start simple when not mastering complexity
How great is it to believe what seems to be impossible

Human behavior revolution

#032 From ambition to purpose (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 53x46x0.4 cm (20.8″x18.1″x0.16″))

The jobs that pay enrich the greedy
volunteers sacrifice to help the needy

World’s common resources exploitation
including worldwide transportation

Is what is seen as creating added value
to the controlling elite, for others untrue

This counterintuitive socio-economic system
represents the core of the human problem

Technology invention isn’t the resolution
need to support human behavior revolution

Pond of Life

#67 Deep water [life water painting series] (Mathias Sager, oil colour water mixable on wood panel, M12 60.6 cm x 41.0 cm)
#67 Deep water [life water painting series] (Mathias Sager, oil colour water mixable on wood panel, M12 60.6 cm x 41.0 cm)
Life is like a pond
people standing around
jumping to give birth
to a short life on earth
without preparation
equipped with intuition

While diving we are living
attention we are giving
to how long we can hold
our breath and mold
the style of our glide
gentle or with fight

Soon we have to come up
to surface and show what
depending on our aim
deserves eternal shame
or inspires others’ dive
for the better to strive

The pond of life once left
looking back to ones best
we are still in the same
eternal spiritual game
yet don’t miss any chance
for personal growth advance