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Visit www.happycolorfulgrowth.org for the movement that is empowering for happiness, fulfillment, and personal growth.



The book

Visit www.happycolorfulgrowth.org for more details about the book and its #happycolorfulgrowth perspectives.

Your involvement & support


The Interactive Marketplace for Growth Personalities


We connect Growth Enablers (“coaches/authors”) with Growth Seekers (“talents/readers”). Anytime & anywhere.

Visit www.happycolorfulgrowth.org for more details about how it works. Currently on hold, coming soon again …

 Your marketing engine – Your online community – Your storefront platform


Advisory / Coaching

Invest in being you

You want to have a ‘project manager’ helping you in the realization of your dream?

What is your ultimate goal? I will lead you to connect to something bigger, your true self. I am dedicated to enable growth beyond your default future towards achieving the best you can be and getting what you really want (and can deserve). There is always more possible than your current limiting thoughts. That’s my promise.

Intake / engagement conversation

A two hours conversation in which we’ll see whether we are a match for each other. I want to learn about your commitment, and you’ll get your first life changing growth enablement experience with me. Call me if you wish to have that decisive conversation: +81 (0)90 1996 1975


Online payment

Here you can make the payment online as discussed previously.

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