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Soziale Netzwerke, wieder in Ihrer Hand

Das weltweit größte freie, quelloffene, dezentrale Mikroblogging-Netzwerk

Wie fantastisch ist das denn!

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Finden Sie Ihre perfekte Gemeinde

Bei Mastodon gibt es nicht nur einen Ort und eine Reihe von Regeln, sondern Tausende von einzigartigen, miteinander verbundenen Gemeinschaften mit unterschiedlichen Menschen, Interessen, Sprachen und Bedürfnissen, aus denen du wählen kannst. Mögen Sie die Regeln nicht? Sie können jeder Community beitreten, die Ihnen gefällt, oder noch besser: Sie können Ihre eigene Community zu Ihren eigenen Bedingungen betreiben!

Übernehmen Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Inhalte

Mit leistungsstarken Tools, mit denen Sie kontrollieren können, wer Ihre Beiträge sieht, und einer Beschränkung auf 500 Zeichen ermöglicht Mastodon Ihnen, Ihre Ideen ungekürzt zu teilen. Und das Beste daran? Alle Beiträge sind in chronologischer Reihenfolge und nicht "optimiert", um Anzeigen in Ihre Timeline zu schieben. Mit Apps für iOS, Android und jede andere erdenkliche Plattform ist Mastodon immer zur Hand.

Der Nutzer steht im Mittelpunkt

Du bist eine Person, kein Produkt. Mastodon ist eine freie, quelloffene Entwicklung, die per Crowdfunding finanziert wurde, nicht finanziert. Alle Instanzen sind unabhängig und werden unabhängig betrieben und moderiert. Es gibt kein Monopol eines einzelnen kommerziellen Unternehmens, keine Werbung und kein Tracking. Mastodon arbeitet für Sie und nicht andersherum.

Fühlen Sie sich in Ihrer Gemeinde sicher

Mastodon verfügt über wirksame Anti-Missbrauchs-Tools, mit denen Sie sich vor Online-Missbrauch schützen können. Bei kleinen, vernetzten Gemeinschaften bedeutet dies, dass es mehr Moderatorengibt, an die Siesich wenden können, um bei einer Situation zu helfen. Das bedeutet auch, dass du wählen kannst, wer deine Beiträge sieht: Freunde, deine Gemeinschaft oder das gesamte Fediversum.

Zusätzliche Merkmale

  • Robuste Instrumente zur Missbrauchsbekämpfung
  • Flexibles Filtern von Postsendungen
  • Ein großes Publikum
  • Einfacher Einsatz Ihrer eigenen
  • Man nennt sie Tröten
  • Medien in Ihre Beiträge einbetten
  • Auf offenen Webstandards aufgebaut
  • Spoiler-Warnungen
  • Sie entscheiden, was relevant ist


      • I’m unable to log in to this site. It took many attempts to create an account, then once I was finally able to, I have yet to successfully log in. Very strange. It’s been days and dozens of attempts. I’m disappointed. Twitter has become too corporate for my taste.

      • Hi. Thanks for sharing this experience (and pardon for the late reply). Sorry to hear about these troubles. Hope it could get resolved in the meanwhile? It is definitively more tricky than to register for the commercial/monopolist platforms. One reason is that joining mastodon may be linked to a social.coop co-op membership that needs to be approved first, before one gets all the participatory rights setup. This should be worth a higher investment in the registering process. However, it is indeed a challenge for alternative solutions to be sufficiently convenient and easy to use too, which is a key success factor for adaptation. To some extent, the financial means to produce a solution may play a role in this as well. Twitter’s C-level management earns millions a year and has relatively big development teams, while Mastodon is created and maintained by developers like Eugen Rochko getting donations of less than thousand dollars a month if they are lucky.

  • Wow, you’re not going to believe this. I was replying to your comment about why I believe I’m having serious difficulties opening an account with Mastodon and when
    I finished writing about why I believe I’m a victim of corporate censorship I decided to copy the comment in case something happened (because my comments disappear too often for it to be a coincidence). I put it my username and password, then hit “post comment.” The comment disappeared. ?

    So, here it is, again (I hope): I hear you. My situation is most likely due to two things: the age of my device and a certain level of censorship. Here are the details of what I’m dealing with in a post of mine: https://ashiftinconsciousness.wordpress.com/2017/12/08/my-beef-with-the-internet-rulers/

    Censorship is alive and well. It has many levels and variations and isn’t merely aimed at well known people with large audiences. My tweets are much more aggressive than my blog style. I occasionally get mean and, since the corporate rulers are relentless, I have decided to be that way on twitter. I was already kicked off Youtube by Google due to educating people on the evils of Capitalism, the corruption of our election process and for stating my opinion that the political activities of the U.S., Israel, China and Saudi Arabia are terroristic in nature.

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. I am sometimes also imagining such possibilities, especially when things happen like my MacBook completely blacking out after only one year. But there is no evidence.:-).
      As you know, I understand well what important message you have to convey. My goal is also to facilitate positive change. What I’m thinking about a lot is how to do that best. In response to your linked article, it let me reflect again that blaming a company may attack well-intending individuals as they don’t know what they are contributing to and therefore resent accusations they don’t understand. I don’t excuse people who are closing their eyes. But individuals and organizations may be the result of a (capitalist) operating system that is programming all society. If we had another dominant paradigm than capitalism, the same individuals and organization would assume the then prevalent values too in the process of socialization processes that happen in all learning. Everybody involved in the current problems can become part of new solutions, but if people feel attacked they less likely open their eyes. Using a positive but still clear approach rather than offensive terminology, I found to be much more effective and reliefs also the sender of the message from a lot of stress, such as peace of mind and counter-attacks. Again, I appreciate your sincere understanding, positive vision, and courage to speak out; even more important that you get a lot of friends rather than enemies:-)Take care and all the best!

      • I hear you. You’re right, of course. I don’t blame people who are merely low level workers doing their jobs and barely getting by. My accusations are aimed at the people who make decisions and decide that people with dissident opinions aren’t heard as frequently as people who mindlessly obey as well as the people who accept money for making that happen. There may be a nicer way of communicating these ideas, but different tactics work to educate different personality types. I know that, in general, negative emotions attached to valid information can take away from the message, but I also believe that in the seriously toxic environment we’ve created in modern society we need to try different ways of getting ideas across to people. Humor is probably one of the best techniques for educating people. I wish I was better at it. ?

        I’ve also come to see in recent years that a lot of people laugh at me (and others) for preaching compassion for all living beings. Too many people lack the courage to stand up for morals when it affects your life in a way that makes it more difficult. The corporate indoctrination is very powerful and I’ve started to believe that things have gotten so out of control that desperate means might need to be considered. The deck is stacked against the honest people in a big way. Sometimes I feel that the battle is already lost on this planet. We very likely might have hit a tipping point that leaves our efforts wasted. Our energy will live on, but we will have murdered uncounted numbers of innocent beings in the process of committing societal suicide. I don’t know. Sorry for the long rant. Just trying to make sense.

        Oh, by the way, I wrote two additional comments on this post that were wiped out. Strange.

        Peace, my friend. I’m sorry if I sounded too negative. 🙂

      • Only somebody who has already experienced some hardship as a result of standing up for the better (but against the establishment) can reflect that way. Your comment/engagement is way too important to be too long:-).

        The fight for more justice seems overwhelming, indeed. I also think that the weapon of humor is a great one, but isn’t it that humour has already given up a bit? I’m not sure, and therefore I agree that further experimentation is needed to increase impact. We might not know what effect our actions already have (accumulated) until we reach a tipping point, as you mention. The more out of control the current system, the more it might be ready to throw over.

        The category of people who have the information, power, and therefore responsibility without acting accordingly, shouldn’t be excused at all. We have to continue to make transparent what better approaches they are rejecting, what opportunities they are not supporting, and what good they are ignoring. They will be judged for that as who/what they are without us having to name it. My wish is that people like you are not giving up hope. A positive outlook on solutions to the issues and therefore occupying the mind with possibilities (and as ever small signs of improvement!) might be crucial for our (psychological) well-being. Injustice can create anger, of course. But let’s not get harmed even more by accepting to become angry. The required mental strength is to transform it into energy/faith that keeps us moving into the right direction as effective and long as possible. This is though, but also (emotionally) rewarding.

        This reply is in minimum as much for me as you, as I have to remind myself always again that the ones who are misled in their current way should be included in our compassion for all as well. Take care (of yourself too!) and till soon