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Interkulturelle Psychologie: Jenseits der Dichotomie von Individualismus und Kollektivismus


Inhalt: 1. Es gibt mehr als Ost und West in der interkulturellen Psychologie, 2. Notwendigkeit der Internationalisierung der Entwicklungspsychologie, 3. Integration der einheimischen Psychologie, 4. Berücksichtigung der Länder-, Individual- und Situationsebene

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Lösung des Problems "Jeder ist für jeden verantwortlich".


Predominance of responsibility at the individual level rather than at the societal-level

Floridi (2016) is pointedly describing the issue around the distribution respectively diffusion of responsibility as “everybody’s problem becomes nobody’s responsibility” (p. 11). He suggests a framework that is recommitting responsibility for any action of a collective back to the individual by rejecting the concept of faultless responsibility, i.e., even when an individual would lack intention or information regarding the immorality of his action (Floridi, 2016). Ralston et al. (2014) found that the individual level determines ethical behavior rather than the societal level. This may be surprising when considering, for many psychological explanations often defining, the influence of culture and society. One possible explanation could be that there is an increasing variety of values within a single culture (Ralston et al., 2014). One type of collectivist setting, however, was found to be influencing ethical behavior, namely institutional collectivism (Ralston et al., 2014).

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