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THE LAST TEN YEARS: A Path to Awareness Intelligence

Photo 2012
BROKEN CULTURES (Mathias Sager, 2017. Oil on wood panel, 53 x 45 cm)
Photo 2022

Looking back to the last 10 years*, 7 in Japan, 3 in Switzerland, it feels exciting, like having entered a second life. Without shame of losing face, studying, and practicing. A learning path to Awareness Intelligence.

*Yes, sometimes I also look back … to learn without regret and without pressure to live up to a story others want to create for us.


Commonly unspectacular, a Swiss citizen’s life
Eastward with the goal to further thrive
When I arrive in the land of the rising sun
Cultural clashes, there I’m Mathias Sager san

I would not have believed my greeting future
Lost identity, emergence of an actualized father
Through the eyes of a child, with a child, for a child
A new land, far away, yet an inner view that died

Different, knowing, growing, fallen out of favor
Refusing the call to fight, love seemed braver
The shallowness of business passing by these eyes
Remembering my daughter, and the world of lies

I’m doing it again; the challenges are teachers
And teaching shall I be against the treacherous
Conditional “love”, which I find our time’s disease
If I can’t adapt, never will we have more peace

Curtains of tears are my entrance to the light
Working all day and night, this path seems right
Barriers bridged by worded paintings, painted poetry
The magic of the three, third career that’s necessary

My friends, the books alone stand by in times of loss
I do not fear death anymore; this pond I cross
At the same time, obstacles, and sources of energy
Putting into practice what I’ve studied in psychology

I was looking for happiness and found meaning, yes
When I accepted meaning, happiness became meaningless
Knowledge from the heart because reason is blinding
The love for you gives purpose to everything

Civilization, shallow pleasures; they just exist
In nature, I resist; in privileges, I don’t insist
Inspired, I’m back to follow the calling
An artist’s fitness, kindness, and wisdom, I’m all in

New Terms (of Awareness Intelligence)

If open enough, one encounters ideas, even new ones, for which even the words are missing. If one tries to name these ideas aptly, our spelling is doubted. Clearly, the monopoly of defining terms and declaring important existing ideas dictates and those who do not comply are left as irrelevant behind search queries as unfound. For my part, I also help innovative, original ideas to exist, which have not (yet) received the favor of general knowledge; for there could be very important ones among them. That is why I am not afraid to create and use new, little known, and unpopular language. Have fun with it!

  1. Awareness Intelligence
  2. Awarialand
  3. Bent time
  4. Circumthoughts
  5. Extuition
  6. Humantime
  7. Socio-temporal matrix
  8. Three beasts of unawareness
  9. Three doors to the soul
  10. Thoughtthinking
  11. Trinity Warriors
  12. White holes
  13. World of red
  1. Awareness Intelligence

Like Relativity theory is essential to Physics, Awareness Intelligence guides a new understanding of the mental world. Contemporary issues such as health risks, conflicts, and inequality do point to a single most critical cause: Unawareness of lack of awareness. Awareness Intelligence is a specific constellation of ‘awareness about awareness’ and represents the break-through decoding of a socio-temporal structure of the human soul.

Without consciousness, we cannot think any thought. Without awareness, we cannot create meaning from our thoughts. Non-aware thinking (while it can be still “5-sensory”-conscious) is random, often problematically emotion-driven, and potentially confusing. Awareness Intelligence is about the intelligence of creating meaning in one’s mentalizing and about the intelligence of self-generating useful thinking through awareness. Such meaning- and useful (wholesome) thinking can be best described with a worldview consisting of a specific mental schema as possible to visualize with the socio-temporal matrix (see explanation for this term below).

Changes in a person’s life situation can rearrange one’s mental socio-temporal schema in such a way that new coherences emerge. A person may become enabled to follow coherently through on the chosen/valued temporal or social focus, which might represent a form of versatility and agency. Creating more coherence and, therefore, also more agency might be a learnable capacity. The ability to reflect on and mentally cover the whole socio-temporal scope of the world makes Awareness Intelligence. 

For a starting point to the extensive research and writing behind Awareness Intelligence, I recommend:

2. Awarialand

Life is proving us constantly that peace is possible to the extent human awareness is embracing it. Consequently, if all the world is scoped-in for ambitions of peace, a peaceful world indeed becomes attainable. An awaria can come through the dissolution of the illusion of separated and separating personal and societal identities, which would not be bounded together by life across times. It will be a future world in which all human beings are aware of their shared awareness of life. Thanks to intelligent awareness, the relational and temporal modes of life will be better understood, accepted as an essential truth, and consequently being acted upon for individual well-being, collective thriving, and the common good. Awarian life is possible thanks to the systematic and continuous practice of Awareness Intelligence, the chief liberating and humanitarian enabler of a new age.

3. Bent time

Part of Awareness Intelligence is the ability to mentally stretch to both sides of the circle of life. For our eternal soul that is a breeze, but for our human lifetime awareness and related thinking, it is a gymnastic split we need to practice for. All-inclusive and endless knowing requires to mentally stretch enough into the time before our physical birth, as well as into the time after our death to bend the timeline into a circle of perpetual and unified life. We have to sense our soul-relatedness to the immaterial consciousness to detach ourselves from the illusion of time that is only bound to objects such as our bodies. Despite the need to handle practical time for physical experiences, one needs to connect to the timeless sphere of universal intelligence. It is our human capacity to be aware of this co-existence of practical and universal, cosmic time; the awareness of the parallel truth of life, life’s immortal intelligence that breathes the energy vibrations of consciousness even into our objectified temporal bodily manifestation.

4. Circumthoughts

Human thought reaches farther than the sight of the eye. As thoughts and not the eyes create our circumstances, we should rather be aware of circumthoughts. Thought encircles all there is, ourselves, our relationships, and anybody imaginable anywhere in the world; a social panorama the eye is incapable of grasping. Also, thought encompasses eternity of time. We may not see immediate consequences of all thinking in the visible world, but our soul’s quality of inspiration and connectedness highly depends on the collective consciousness whose condition is influenced by all thoughts there are; of course, including ours. Thoughts are determining our spirituality, which has no contentual barriers and therefore is the cosmos of all. Think awareness-intelligently to contribute with full positive capacity and energetic attitude to this spiritual realm, which in turn, is the source and fuel of your and all further life as well. Our circumthoughts, not circumstances, represent the real context of conscious life.

For the full article:

5. Extuition

Extuition is the illusion that we choose with intellectual logic, the belief that our believes are not believes but proven when they can be seen with our eyes. Extuition is the opposite of intuition, which is the inner voice that (if it is real intuition) comes from our eternal and universal source intelligence.

6. Humantime

Having witnessed times of building war forces in spacetime, the time for exploring love in humantime has come. Awareness is not everything, but without awareness there is nothing. When consciousness becomes aware, when awakening becomes intelligent, and when balance becomes harmonious, humantime has begun. Think yourself aware, which is best done through self-reflection about ones socio-temporal mental worldview schemas (socio-/human – temporal/time).

7. Socio-temporal matrix (incl., intra-past, inter-present, extra-future modes)

The tripartite socio-temporal matrix of Awareness Intelligence provides for a mental reference system that empowers for spiritual exploration and practical application of meaning, love, and compassion that is teachable to anybody for increased well-being, organization thriving, and the common good alike.

The socio-temporal matrix was developed to assist in self-reflection as a visual guide to explore thought patterns in terms of the most essential dimensions of human psychology: the social and temporal world. These two dimensions put together in a coordinate system (x axis = temporal dimension; y axis = social dimension) form the novel socio-temporal matrix of mental worldview schemas. Each field of the matrix represents a building block of a person’s socio-temporal mental schema. In other words, these are the possible spots of socio-temporal thinking. Its configuration determines one’s life significantly as

humans are mind-wandering up to half of their waking time.

For more details, please see

8. Three beasts of unawareness

Expressed with mental worldview schemas, the three beasts of unawareness stand for the psychologically unhealthy spots in the coordinate system of the socio-temporal matrix. One beasts represents the possible ties of the past that create, e.g., loss of self, stagnation, and regret. The beast of the present exemplifies hurdles to awareness such as increasing distraction, e.g., through technology, and possible absorption from the world through meditative retreat into oneself. Last, the beast that endangers a fulfilling future, seduces through egoistic fears and over-identification with societal and cultural expectations. The three beasts of unawareness, in that sense, signify the antidotes to the healthy modes of Awareness Intelligence.

Here’s a poem about the beasts:

9. Three doors to the soul

When we are not inheriting the past and instead do the work ourselves, we are fit for giving our best. This is the first of the three doors to the soul. Secondly, overcoming social anxiety through compassion leads to kindness that is as timeless as unconditional love. Such genuine kindness is the ticket to free from time and to access eternity. The third door to the soul opens when we follow the human calling of service to all, regardless of compensation and pulled by true inspiration.

10. Thoughtthinking

The indefinite power of the human soul and mind can be unlocked as human beings evolve from doing ‘sightseeing’ to ‘thoughtthinking.’ This will intensify the understanding and appreciation of the mental world and propel the development of Awareness Intelligence. No field of science or any advanced forms of artificial intelligence have been able to solve the disconnect between the people that causes all the issues of inner and outer conflict. It’s the power of awareness that has the potential to link separateness together and to unify. It’s time to become more aware of our absence of awareness, the only way to solve the remaining problems of humanity, which are all due to shallow lives lost in thoughtless wandering.

11. Trinity warriors

The trinity warriors I have created are non-violent ‘fighters’ for Awareness Intelligence that comprises the three treasures of Taoism:

  • MODERATION leads to generosity (All are born the same as humans. There is no superiority of anyone, just different cultures, and societal norms. -> I’m thinking about my INTRAPERSONAL PAST. Who am I really regardless of my upbringing?)
  • COMPASSION leads to courage (Unconditional love removes fear from pressure, allowing to be oneself and even unliked amidst the expectations of others. -> I’m thinking about my INTERPERSONAL PRESENT where I share the present moment with others; are these free from judgment of the past and expectations into the future?)
  • HUMILITY leads to leadership (Benevolence and responsibility benefit all humanity rather than ego-inflated ambitions. -> I’m thinking about the EXTRAPERSONAL FUTURE that will outlast my lifetime. Am I leaving the next generation a better world?)

You can admire some of the trinity warriors and their awareness-intelligent qualities here:

12. White holes

How convenient that science creates formulas suggesting black holes resembling so much its sponsoring society of economic institutions and politics towards which all material gravitates. But maybe this is yet another cheat pack to distract from the truth? I know it’s trendy to cite Einstein, yet humanity hasn’t managed to leave its Newtonian world. While black holes support the narratives of the necessity of a humanity exposed to fear, greed, and destruction, I prefer a more positive worldview of human potential that educates about white holes (if it needs to be called a ‘hole’ at all). We don’t need to defend a taking dark warfully; instead, we needed to welcome the giving bright peacefully. Why is fear of material loss instilled instead of a notion of an infinite expansion of spiritual life?! The latter is more realistic (i.e., durable, constant, real). Ever-evolving life spirit and love have proven that they can’t be taken by a material-sucking black hole.

13. World of red

As opposed to the world of blue, red is the color code for aggressive emotional strain. A world of red visually depicts the endless strong hunger/greed of consumption society. On the other hand, a world of blue would mean spiritual strength of a blue water’s depth.


STAGE I – III (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, each 30 x 30 cm)
STAGE I (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, each 30 x 30 cm)
STAGE II (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, each 30 x 30 cm)
STAGE III (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, each 30 x 30 cm)

Vague, almost hidden
Near-sighted push away
Threatening, beastly aggression
Underneath; it underestimates its position
A dictatorship of the past

High, overly bright
Far-sighted pullover
Unsurmountable, natural lure
Overlying; it overestimates its position
As there was no tomorrow

Connected, intelligently aware
Out-sighted center here
Inviting, still wisdom
Lying in between; it levels its position
Closes the circle of time

Vage, fast versteckt
Kurzsichtiges Wegstossen
Bedrohliche, tierische Aggression
Darunter liegend; sie unterschätzt ihre Position
Eine Diktatur der Vergangenheit

Hoch, übermäßig hell
Weitsichtiger Heranziehen
Unüberwindbare, natürliche Verlockung
Darüber liegend; sie überschätzt ihre Position
Als gäbe es kein Morgen

Verbunden, intelligent bewusst
Aussichtige Mitte hier
Einladende, stille Weisheit
Dazwischen liegend; sie nivelliert ihre Position
Schließt den Kreis der Zeit

See also:

Place of Understanding

PLACE OF UNDERSTANDING (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 80 cm)

A cozy place where I always want to go
Surrounding soundness forever, slow
In a storm, it still offers protection
The benevolent gentleness, a natural flow

I had it, but lost again and again
Seems like a conspiracy against men
Against my need for security and support
With every new beginning, reborn I am

It was always worth the coming and going
Much instructive beauty seen through pain
Isn’t that life from beginning to the end
What remains is the ability to explain

Ein trauter Ort, wo ich immer hingehen will
Umgebende Geborgenheit für ewig, still
Auch bei Sturm bietet er noch immer Schutz
Die gütige Sanftheit, ein natürliches Idyll

Ich hatte ihn, doch immer wieder verloren
Es scheint, als hätte er sich verschworen
Gegen mein Bedürfnis für Sicherheit und Halt
Bei jedem Neuanfang werd’ ich neu geboren

Immer war’s es Wert, das Kommen und Gehen
Viel lehrreich Schönes durch Schmerz gesehen
Ist das nicht das Leben von Beginn zu Ende
Was schlussendlich bleibt ist das Verstehen

See also:


DISCOURSE (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on wood panel, 60 x 80 cm)

Disbelief to believe in my self
Discomfort for the comfort of good health
Through discourse, staying on my course
It isn’t a disadvantage to not advance in the wrong direction
Prevented disorder when order was given up
Disharmony to create most harmonious composition
Thoughts without content, and I’m most content too

Unglaube, um an mich selbst zu glauben
Unbehagen für eine behaglich gute Gesundheit
Durch Diskurs auf meinem Kurs geblieben
Es ist kein Nachteil, nicht am falschen Teil zu hängen
Verhinderte Unordnung, sobald die Ordnung aufgegeben
Disharmonie erschafft die harmonischste Komposition
Gedanken ohne Inhalt, und ich bin so gehalten wie noch nie

See also:


Painting THE FIRE WITHIN (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 90 cm)

Spark of inspiring source
Kindle the fire
To light the right to grow

Energy of vigorous spirit
Nourish the flame
To feed the food to thrive

Fertilizer of creative ground
Scatter the ash
To yield the field to flourish

Funke inspirierender Quelle
Entfache das Feuer
Für das Recht zu wachsen

Energie kräftigen Geistes
Schüre die Flamme
Für die Nahrung zu blühen

Dünger schöpferischen Grundes
Streue die Asche
Für das Feld zu gedeihen

See also:

You too are whole and free

YOU TOO ARE WHOLE AND FREE (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 38 x 46 cm)

You thought two, ignorant of the three
Experienced it, yet unaware to see
Only when given up the only two
Capable of intelligently thinking through
You realized the magic of the three
And now you too are whole and free

Du dachtest zwei, unwissend der drei
Erlebtest es, doch sahst es nicht auwei
Die zwei, nur wenn sie aufgegeben
Befähigen intelligent den Geist zu heben
Einmal erkannt die Magie der drei
Und nun bist auch du ganz und frei

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Listen within

LISTEN WITHIN (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 90 x 90 cm)
The same civilization that causes the diseases
Approves the methods to fight its symptoms
So, they run to so-called experts who are trained
Subsidized and promoted for diseases to be maintained
Why not try to listen within and do the work
Ah, yes, nobody wants to be alone and called a jerk
Die gleiche Zivilisation, die die Krankheiten verursacht
Hat die Genehmigung zur Bekämpfung ihrer Symptome erbracht
Also rennen sie zu sogenannten Experten, die trainiert
Subventioniert und gefördert, die Krankheit weiter garantiert
Warum nicht versuchen, nach innen zu hören, ohne Scheu vorm Aufwand
Ah, ja, allein sein und als Idiot bezeichnet werden, das will niemand

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Golden Cage

GOLDEN CAGE (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm)
Staying as supposed, the cage is closed
The wings clipped, performance per script
Vaccinated, sterile, shorn, and trained
Provided with food, the senses screwed
So sweet and loving, no disturbing longing
Behind the eyes, but everyone denies
A soul not freed, a being in need
Stupid or gaged, in the golden cage
Verlässt uns nicht, der Käfig ist dicht
Die Flügel gestutzt, als Amüsement genutzt
Geimpft, steril, geschoren, trainiert
Mit Nahrung versorgt, des Sinnes beraubt
So süss und lieb, ohne störenden Trieb
Doch hinter den Augen, wir wollen’s nicht glauben
Eine Seele gefangen, ein Wesen am bangen
Gezwungen oder dämlich, im goldenen Käfig

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BLUE STOMACH (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70 cm)
As the stomach empties
Colored like my eyes
The painting fills
A feeling that never fails
Wenn sich der Magen leert
Sich färbt wie meine Augen
Das Gemälde sich füllt
Ein Gefühl, das niemals versagt

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THREEFOLD NATURE (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 70 cm)

Sincere pyramids of goodness
Custodian of triangular lands

Intelligent memorials of the pure
Guardians of tripartite structures

Spiritual containers of depth
Givers of threefold love

Mountains, trees, and lakes

The consciousness of three that makes

Seeing you as one

Herzliche  Pyramiden der Güte
Behüter dreieckiger Gebiete

Verständige Mahnmale des Puren
Wächter dreiteiliger Strukturen

Geistvolle Behältnisse der Tiefe
Spender dreifacher Liebe

Berge, Bäume, und Seen

Das Bewusstsein der Dreien

Euch als Einheit zu sehen

See also:


TRINITY WARRIOR IX (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm)

My heart so sensitive to the mean
What does calm it when it’s not serene
My mood is good when I’m good to it
The Self that I take with grit

My brain so receptive to dopamine
What does feed it if not with caffeine
My mood is good when I’m good to it
The Self that I keep top fit

My spirit so responsive to the golden green
What does lift it in a time of a darker scene
My mood is good when I’m good to it
The Self that I treat with wit

My body so susceptive to what’s within
What does fuel it after meals and in-between
My mood is good when I’m good to it
The heart, brain, and spirit

Mein Herz ist so neuralgisch für das Gemeine
Was besänftigt es, wenn ich bitter weine
Meine Stimmung ist gut, wenn ich Sorge trage
Dem Selbst, mit dem ich mutig wage

Mein Gehirn ist so empfindlich für Dopamin
Was nährt es, wenn nicht mit Koffein
Meine Stimmung ist gut, wenn ich Sorge trage
Dem Selbst, das ich topfit halte

Mein Geist ist so empfänglich für das golden Grün
Was belebt ihn in Zeiten grosser Mühen
Meine Stimmung ist gut, wenn ich Sorge trage
Dem Selbst, das ich ehrlich frage

Mein Körper ist so beeinflusst dadurch, was in ihm ist
Was nährt ihn nach dem Essen, wenn er nicht isst
Meine Stimmung ist gut, wenn ich Sorge trage
Dem Herz, Gehirn und Geistesgabe

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BLINDSIDE (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm)

There is always a blindside
On the outside
The reason for so much blindfire
On the entire
World that’s kept just blindfold
As it’s told
To not look at the inside

Es gibt immer einen blinden Fleck
Zum äusseren Zweck
Der Grund für so viel blindes Feuer
Bezahlt so teuer
Von der blind gehaltenen Welt
Der man erzählt
Vergiss das Innere, schau weg

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EARTH MIXED UP (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm)

Taste-engineered history
The earth in a mouth
My choice of the clean
The poison of the dirt
Back to the trap
All mixed up
In a growling stomach

Fun-sold moment
The earth on a plate
Our chance of the cool
The burn of the hot
Beyond the edge
All mixed up
In a stormy bowl

Work-managed lifetime
The earth in a box
Their change of the easy
The crushing of the hard
Ahead of the crate
All mixed up
In a whirling blender

Geschmacksgesteuerte Geschichte
Die Erde im Mund
Meine Wahl des Sauberen
Das Gift des Schmutzes
Zurück zur Falle
Alles durcheinander
In einem knurrenden Magen

Spassverkaufter Augenblick
Die Erde auf dem Teller
Unsere Chance des Kühlen
Das Brennen der Hitze
Jenseits des Randes
Alles durcheinander
In einer stürmischen Schüssel

Arbeitsverwaltetes Leben
Die Erde in der Box
Ihre Wechsel des Leichten
Das Erdrücken des Harten
Voraus der Kiste
Alles durcheinander
In einem wirbelnden Mixer

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Leave it to Nature

LEAVE IT TO NATURE (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm)

Want to tame a river to the straight of a twine
Or one whose banks are strangely in line
Sketch it honestly as art
And leave it to nature to keep its part

Want to cut a tree into the form of a hat
Or one whose trunk is unnaturally fat
Draw it honestly as art
And leave it to nature to be the smart

Want to breed a dog to the size of a rat
Or one whose nose is dangerously flat
Paint it honestly as art
And leave it to nature from the start

Want to lock a turtle in the confine of a reserve
Or one whose meat only few deserve
Picture it honestly as art
And leave it to nature to offer its mart

Want to dope a man to the standard of a model
Or one whose only ability is to waddle
Portray it honestly as art
And leave it to nature to evaluate the chart

Want to drill a child to the edge of a job
Or one whose a member of the mob
Describe it honestly as art
And leave it to nature to speak its heart

Willst du einen Fluss in eine Linie zwingen
Oder einen, dessen Ufer keine Erholung bringen
Als ehrliche Kunst skizziert, überlass es der Natur

Willst du einen Baum in die Form eines Hutes schneiden
Oder einen, dessen Stämme unnatürlich dick erscheinen
Als ehrliche Kunst gezeichnet, überlass es der Natur

Willst du einen Hund auf die Größe einer Ratte züchten
Oder einen, dessen Artgenossen vor ihm flüchten
Als ehrliche Kunst gemalt, überlass es der Natur

Willst du eine Schildkröte in ein Reservat einsperren
Oder eine, deren Fleisch ist nur für feine Herren
Als ehrliche Kunst gepinselt, überlass es der Natur

Willst du einen Mann nach dem Standard eines Modells bemessen
Oder einen, der sie lässt innere Werte vergessen
Als ehrliche Kunst gezeigt, überlass es der Natur

Willst du ein Kind für einen Job dressieren
Oder eines, das sie an der Nase führen
Als ehrliche Kunst beschrieben, überlass es der Natur
Ewige Jugend bestimmt

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The Spirit of the City

THE SPIRIT OF THE CITY (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm)
The spirit of the city
A ghost that never calls
From tourists, he’s hidden
Behind the walls
By pop-culture forbidden

The spirit of the city
A myth that never trades
For cameras invisible
Behind facades
For a stranger, a riddle

The spirit of the city
A presence that never bores
Choosing who’s open
Behind the doors
As a friendly token

The spirit of the city
A vision that never utters
Wanting to see him
Behind the shutters
It’s a way of living

The spirit of the city
A soul that never hates
Complete understanding
Behind the gates
You will always meet him

The spirit of the city
A love that never shades
Belief like a child
Behind the barricades
Youthful travels inside
Der Spirit der Stadt
Geister, die nie belauern
Vor Touristen versteckt
Hinter den Mauern
Durch Kultur verdeckt

Der Spirit der Stadt
Mythen, ohne Scharade
Für Kameras zu behende
Hinter der Fassade
Rätselhaft für Fremde

Der Spirit der Stadt
Präsenz, ohne Verführen
Durch Offenheit zu erreichen
Hinter den Türen
Als ein freundliches Zeichen

Der Spirit der Stadt
Vision, für viele verloren
Willst du ihn beleben
Hinter den Storen
Eine Art zu leben

Der Spirit der Stadt
Seele, aus Mitgefühl geboren
Verständnis, das niemals hasst
Hinter den Toren
So wird er nie verpasst

Der Spirit der Stadt
Liebe, niemals vergangen
Glaube, naiv wie ein Kind
Hinter den Barrikaden
Ewige Jugend bestimmt

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Collector of Positivity

COLLECTOR OF POSITIVITY (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 100 cm)
Look at me, can you see me?
I know you don’t always agree
But here I show up again
On a canvas in plain design
Only collect positivity
Not of the sort of others are miserable too
Or I’ll be fine when better as others I do
No, the real spiritual practice is to …
Wait, spiritual?
Yes, veritable
Inclusion of all into one’s happiness
Excluding anybody means less
Only collect positivity

Schau mich an, kannst du mich sehen?
Ich weiss, dass wir uns nicht immer verstehen
Aber hier bringe ich mich wieder ein
Auf einer Leinwand in schlichtem Design
Sammle nur Positivität
Nicht von der Art, dass andere auch unglücklich sein müssen
Oder es geht mir gut, wenn ich habe was andere vermissen
Nein, die wirklich spirituelle Praxis besteht darin, zu …
Warte, spirituell?
Ja, wahrhaftig
Einbeziehung aller in das eigene Glück
Jemanden auszuschliessen bedeutet ein Schritt zurück
Sammle nur Positivität

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Political Animal

POLITICAL ANIMAL (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm)
Hey Aristotle
Not everyone flying alone is a lover of war
Not taking sides may be a compassionate door
By nature, maybe a political animal, indeed
But what about he who prefers universal deed
I know wars are fought on different levels of flight
Personal ones, national, economic, and ethnic fights
But many would not join an army of the throne
If they were brave enough to fly alone
 In response to:
“Hence it is evident that the state is a creation of nature, and that man is by nature a political animal. And he who by nature and not by mere accident is without a state, is either above humanity, or below it; he is the ‘Tribeless, lawless, hearthless one,’ whom Homera denounces—the outcast who is a lover of war; he may be compared to a bird which flies alone.” – Aristotle

Hallo Aristoteles
Nicht jeder, der alleine fliegt, liebt den Krieg
Ohne Partei zu ergreifen, ein mitfühlendes Lied
Von Natur aus vielleicht ein politisches Tier
Aber was ist mit dem, der lernt in universeller Manier
Ich weiß, Kriege werden auf verschiedenen Ebenen geführt
Persönlich, sozio-ökonomisch und ethnisch geschürt
Aber viele würden sich keiner Armee anschliessen
Würden sie mutig alleine zu fliegen wissen
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„Daher ist klar, dass der Staat eine Schöpfung der Natur ist, und dass der Mensch von Natur aus ein politisches Tier ist. Und wer von Natur aus und nicht zufällig ohne Staat ist, steht entweder über oder unter der Menschheit; der ‚Stammlose, Gesetzlose, Herzlose‘, den Homera anprangert – der Ausgestoßene, der den Krieg liebt; er kann mit einem Vogel verglichen werden, der allein fliegt. – Aristoteles

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Painting TIME MACHINE (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm)
Past hour, current power
The future put on top, at quarter past to stop
Simultaneously present, eternal time that’s bent
Time passes, thought lingers
Experienced synchronized wings, reborn all dead things
Spiritual parallels, timeless souls
The time machine freezes the scene
But then the memory, backward trajectory
Back to the beginning, future ending
Adjusted with imagination, filled with intuition
Sharp the spirit, images; conscious psychic filters
Navigate what was and will be, time compass, unfailingly
In this way, you determine the wonderful journey
And the time machine frees the scene

ZEITMACHINE (M. Sager, 2022.  Acryl auf Leinwand, 100 x 100 cm)
Vergangene Stunde, laufende Runde
Zukunft obendrauf gelegt, nach Viertel nach bewegt
Gleichzeitig gegenwärtig; endlos, ewig
Die Zeit vergeht, der Gedanke weilt
Im selben Moment erfahren, Gestorbenes wieder geboren
Geistige Parallelen, zeitlose Seelen
Die Zeitmaschine hält inne
Doch dann die Erinnerung, der Rückwärtsgang
Zurück zum Big Bang, künftiger Weltuntergang
Justiert mit Vorstellung, gefüllt mit Intuition
Scharf der Geist, die Bilder; bewusste psychische Filter
Navigiere was war und wird, dein Zeitkompass nie verirrt
Auf diese Weise bestimmst du die wundervolle Reise
Und die Zeitmaschine hält inne

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Painting BOOKS (M. Sager, 2022. Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 100 cm)
Words matter and books can change lives. This is to thank all my friends who shared their wisdom so generously. I hope to be of inspiration for somebody sometimes too.

Worte sind wichtig und Bücher können Leben verändern. Hiermit möchte ich all meinen Freunden danken, die ihr Wissen so großzügig geteilt haben. Ich hoffe, dass ich manchmal auch für jemanden eine Inspiration sein kann.

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