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Are you living your maximum and best self, being and enjoying who you really want to be? Very rare
are those who reach their true potential. It's not you alone, though; it's how we are taught. Too narrow scopes of social relations and time are often the result. That's why NEW approaches like Awareness Intelligence are required, which combines what has worked and unlearn what has not served us well. The e-Learning Courses, designed by Mathias Sager, innovates on an individual and collective level, includes latest research plus contemporary and ancient wisdom. Inviting everybody to change the(ir) world by changing the way they think.

In All Our Courses

All courses are based on latest research and consistently assume a cross-cultural and cooperative perspective. The courses aim to equip the students with practical tools for personal and career success; for increased Self-Efficacy, Creativity and Innovation.


 We use easy English and cultivate a cross-cultural and cooperative perspective.
We respect that we are a safe learning space/community.
We welcome anybody to ask anything at any time.

Overview Course Series A 
The Psychology of Learning and Developing a Growth Mindset

In this course, students will get information about major learning theories and get to understand of how humans do learn, process and remember information. Students will also consider and get examples on how practitioners can use these theories to explain behavior in cross-cultural contexts.

Objectives: To understand the psychological and behavioural processes on which lasting learning results from experience.

Overview Course Series B
Inspiring Others Across and (Self-) Leadership Psychology

In this course, students will explore leadership challenges from several different psychological perspectives, gaining an understanding of more or less effective leadership styles across different cultures and contexts,
and the ethical use of power and influence.

Objectives: To provide participants an understanding of leadership from a psychological perspective, and to examine the impact of culture on leadership success.

Overview Course Series C
Developing Human Capital, Cultural Agility, and Global Talent Management

This course explores the interaction between personality, leadership types, and individual learning styles. Students will evaluate the psychological concept of talent and study the criteria for attracting, retaining and developing talent globally. Students will also consider the effectiveness and fairness of global talent management strategies and their impact at individual and organizational levels.

Objectives: To develop an understanding of the psychological aspects around human capital development, cultural agility, and the impact and effectiveness of different global talent management strategies.

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