• Hi Mathias, your WordPress website is beautiful as well as your Facebook site. Your philosophical message is sublime! Thank you for following me on my Facebook Create Page, “The Writer’s Loft” and WordPress too. I am so glad you also like my message of goodness, love, and joy. Karen

  • How fun to run across a blog like this! We love colorful and happy, so this is a great idea! Thanks for following our travel blog, Oh, the Places We See. It’s great to have you on board for our happy, colorful experiences!

  • Glad you are following. Glad I am following. What do you think of the future United Kindred Spirits Organization to prepare by the power of love from on high? Much love, thiaB. 🙂

    • Thanks, likewise. Always happy to discuss. I am convinced that spiritual advancement is key to humanity and I try to appreciate any efforts to facilitate that, e.g., by providing inspiration, knowledge, etc.. To be clear, I mean spirituality, not religion. Organizations tend to assume power to a certain individual or God, by separating against other institutions. If an organization is based on competition (having to conquer others), or fear and promises (talking about punishment and perishment and salvation from it, e.g., through payments), then I am maybe over-sceptical. Otherwise, what better than together promote well-being for all! Philosophical reasoning and psychological toughness help us to help ourselves in a connected universe. It was a good place where we came from (or does anybody have bad memories of it?:-), so it will be fine to return there as well:-). Thanks and all the best

      • Excellent description of my own scepticism. Even so, despite it all, I have to obey the leading of the Father/Creator of our beings. His Spirit leads me. For the last ten years His Spirit has led me to do things totally against my own judgement. I argue, if I do that I am going to get killed. He answers, Are you willing to obey me regardless your cost? I obey. I come back. I been kicked, punched, spit on my face. I say, You see? He says, “Your obedience is a delight to My Being. My delight in your obedience is your strength.”
        No more arguing. I obey. Now? United Kindred Spirits Organization? Oh no! I’ll be thrown in with the rest! But, over and over I am told, “Write & publish & optimize what I give you. I will do the rest.”
        So, O dear Mathias, I go on. In fear of HIm alone, I go on. My reward? Little by little He is revealing to me His progress. Progress in restoring us. Progress in uniting us. Progress in preparing us for the inevitable future to engulf the globe.
        Unite out of fear or expectation for reward? NAY! Unite by the power of HIS LOVE–a totally different matter than fear or reward as we know such to be.
        Dear Mathias, I have experienced His ways to be so much higher than ours. And the more such experience the greater is the freedom from my own ways and concepts about life and everything!
        I know because He says so, this time He will prevail in gaining the submission of our beings to Him. I rejoice!
        Your time to share your heart with me? Wow! Thanks! Much love, thiaB. 🙂

  • You make a positivist and educated first impression. I went to Twitter and gave you some likes, too.

    Your page is load-intense while my connection is throttled by ISP, so I sadly can’t read the article on “Net Neutrality” right now.

    My best wishes!

    • Hi, Andre Michael. Thanks a lot for your support! I think my site shouldn’t be that heavy to load. It would be a good sign if I made it on the black list of the Telecom/Internet carriers though:-)
      I was more lucky with your site. Maybe it is your disclaimer that is favoring un-threatened access:-). But seriously, I like your declaration of intent not to make false promises, while (in my view) opening the possibility for offering content that is going beyond the conventional. Happy, colorful publishing, and all the best!

      • The ‘beyond the conventional’ is easy, when my entire life takes place there… 😉 Just remember that some victims of crime, some urban homeless, or even charity helpers are without my humor…

      • Hi. Thanks for pointing to that as I agree that this is something to keep in mind from either side. As the entire background of online publishers/bloggers isn’t easy to grasp with reasonable effort mostly, there is also publishers’ responsibility to point visitors to such relevant information they want to have considered. My comment, in any case, wasn’t meant humorously. I rather tried to make a compliment for personally showing up and expressing authenticity, regardless of the circumstances I wasn’t aware of (except having noticed the title’s “landing & starting”). All the best

  • Wow, Mathias. This blog is just spilling with color. The very image you create with your perspectives is so colorful that it just fills the page. Inspired.
    Creativity has been a great part of my life. Glad to meet someone like you. And thank you so much for checking out and following my blog. God bless you indeed.

    • Hi, Stefan. Thank you very much, and also ‘wow!’ You got already very far at your young age as you got the questions. I am sure you’ll answer many of them for your and others’ benefit. Keep on creating and developing further the fourth dimension (or find the 5th one) to inspire (and help humanity) even more! All the best!

  • Hey Mathias, Thanks for following my blog. I’m curious how you found me and why you chose to connect with me. After a quick look at your blog I find we share some common interests. It’s really nice to meet you.

    • Hi, Rick. You can be found through tags that I’m searching for, such as “Personal Growth.” I have the ambition to make a positive impact, and I hope posts from your blog too will add to inspiration on that journey here on WP. All the best!

    • Hey Cynthia, thank you so much for your nice feedback and the award nomination. As I’m not so into these awards, I don’t promise yet … I will definitively come back to your great blog though as I share your interests related to love, life, and learning. All the best! Mathias

  • hi, Mathias, we shared a few comments some time back. I came back nd I am inspired again! That word art thing with all the categories is ingenious!!!!!! Great to be back!!

  • Hi and thanks for following my Miss Fidditch blog…Your own work is great and I look forward to reading more…Molly (aka Miss Fidditch) in San Diego

  • Hi Mathias, thanks for finding and following me. I am very grateful to be found by you and I have a similar INTEREST as you and your passion. It’s now that I have decided to focus on my creativity and I am looking forward to learn more from you as a mentor. If you don’t mind can you send me an access of your free course on Udemy, will appreciate it. thank you and hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Leila

      Thanks for connecting and nice to hear that we can support each other on our journeys. I like your three points of simplicity, patience, and compassion. Happy to send you the coupon for the Udemy course, which in part talks about creativity as well, yes. Please let me know any time in case of questions or feedback. Take care an all the best!

      couponCode: LEADERS_COUPON03FB

      Link to course with coupon https://www.udemy.com/developing-leadership-skills/?couponCode=LEADERS_COUPON03FB

      • Thank you Mathias Sager, for everything, sorry for m delay, but I truly appricate your work. I am still learning from your course on Udemy and you did a fantastic job, very well organized and presented. I know you are busy but if you can coach me to finish my course creation on Udemy would be happy to get help from you..

    • Hi Susie.
      Thanks for your feedback and asking! Hope you’re fine too? You have worked a lot on your WordPress site too?!
      My site and topics are still the same, but as it is more than an isolated hobby, I started to name it school & advisory and formulated some interests as services. But I’m still blogging here too. And I changed the color from bright green to turquoise and blue:-). Hope that’s fine and is still in line with what was once liked:-)?

  • Hoi Mathias, long time no hear, but I must say I am fascinated from the posts / blogs, and in a consequence, from the heart, soul and attitude breathing through your posts. If you would like to discuss a case of ‘success by kindness’ in the consulting/auditing environment, feel free to have a chat 😉 All the best and kind regards, Matthias

    • Hallo Matthias:-). How are you?
      Thank you so much for your kind feedback and offer! Yes, that’s a wonderful idea! I’m especially interested in cases where, although the economic situation required the choice between kindness and profitability, kindness was chosen. Very happy to have a chat in any case.
      Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best

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