Holistic approach to change behavior (e.g., towards a smoke-free identity)

Overview This article is distinguishing holism from reductionist concepts and critically analyzes the application of holism in the mental health topic of long-term smoking cessation. By identifying some current state indicators the article suggests a definition of a holistic approach going forward. The effective maintenance of long-term nicotine abstinence is considered to be positively influenced … Continue reading Holistic approach to change behavior (e.g., towards a smoke-free identity)

Expect More. No human waste please.

Whether in a private, corporate or public context, we should always be aware of the effects of our approaches to human resource development. Are we really enabling learning experiences that promote personal growth for all? It is highly irresponsible to invest only little in holistic personnel development processes – even if this is justified with … Continue reading Expect More. No human waste please.

Reading makes happy

It’s what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you’ll be when you can’t help it. –  O. Wilde Reading is a powerful ‘Happy Colorful Growth’ habit. Make the right books your inspiring, empowering, and results manifesting companions; for whatever you desire. Are you intuitively choosing your lecture to educate your heart, enjoy your soul … Continue reading Reading makes happy

Create to develop; develop to create. A framework.

Create to develop and develop to create. The fulfillment of ones own dreams requires the achievement of development goals by the means of constantly re-evaluated change towards genuineness. How does your ‘Happy Colorful Growth’ way look like?

Affirmation ‘From ambition to purpose’

«From amition to purpose.» Generally, if results are not achieved, it is often not because of missing tools (the wrong «how to»), but because of the wrong purpose and motivation (the wrong «why»). Human beings are most willing to open their mind in a more selfless attitude, if fears of external pressure or desire for … Continue reading Affirmation ‘From ambition to purpose’

Purposeful life changes don’t make everybody feel better

What is your real motivation for change? How courageously are you willing to invest into taking off for the adventure of change and growth? Would it be even worth for you to sacrifice popularity in existing relationships? A scenario for a (test) discussion.


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I have seen enough. Time to think and act.

I would have difficulties to explain on my deathbed that I  didn’t try my best to (1) base my happiness truly on other values than materialism, (2) consequently foster a co-operative economy and strengthen the Third Sector (civil society), and (3) grow to a spiritually evolved and inter-dependently connected human being.

Art / Paintings

All Art (mathias sager – Psychology & Art) Hello Mathias! Tell us a few words about yourself. What does a typical day look? Do you just do art, or is art just part of the picture? Hello! Thank you very much for having me! I’m an artist, although I’m a psychologist too. I’ve decided to … Continue reading Art / Paintings