Book of life

#62 Stairways (Mathias Sager, Oil colors water mixable on canvas board, 8F 46.7x38.1x0.4 cm (18.4"x15"x0.16"))

The book of life goes on
like a free fall
In comfortable times
one isn’t
a protagonist at all

The new chapter opens up
like a new start
In difficult times
one has to
play the active part

The story comes to an end
like a love letter
In life times
one can
change scripts for better

The episode builds upon
like a final solution
In all times
one continues to
shape human evolution

Leaders are Learners


Topic presented and discussed at the J-Global HR Forum (Tue. 12/20):

Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other. CEO’s rate learning as a top priority in their companies. However, the same executives are worried and have doubts about whether their learning leaders can help them close existing skill gaps for the future. What’s wrong then?

More than ever, today’s leaders need to approach learning & development (L&D) in order to spark inspiration and engage employees for better results. The L&D cycle as a strategic process enables new strategies, high performance and employee motivation for increased (international) competitive advantage.

For employees it is important to be realistic about the match of personal and corporate goals and their own responsibility for multifaceted learning. Are the evolving learning environments and people engagement strategies meeting your professional (and personal) needs?

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Anything is possible


I’ve said no and got punished
How lost in deceptions we are
By feeding our addictions
Freedom seems inaccessible

I’ve been honest and got contempt
How much others-reliable we are
By repeating our lies
Progress seems impassable

I’ve chosen and got proof
How enormously anxious we are
By maintaining our enemy image
Peace seems impossible

And yet I’ll always choose again
How much and long it may take
By keeping up the work
Anything is possible



A salary man’s accused of his lack of time
A studying man’s belittled for his dream
An investing man’s unbelieved for achieving wealth
What shall he do the man who seeks approval?

Not to seek approval but staying true to self
Not to cease earning wisdom and strength
Not to compromise on how valuable time is spent
That makes him invincible the man who knows himself!

Your way


There will be a time
When people understand
The system that is
Isn’t caring for all
Think your way

Immature dependence
Omnipresent regrets
Compensation that is
Isn’t supportive for all
Stop your way

To compete to win
To forget to retreat
The game that is
Isn’t meant for all
Change your way

That stoic preparation


That you leave and I’m not allowed to lend
That you rent and I’m not allowed to spend
That you tell and I’m not allowed to ask
That you try and I’m not allowed to help
That you refuse and I’m not allowed to offer

That you provoke and I’m not inclined to fight

That you wonder and I’m stoically prepared

That you take away but I control my mind

That I’m allowed alone

Repeating to heal


Thank you very much
Repeating to heal
Being thankful for what you
Even in my hardest moment

Sorry should I have failed
Repeating to heal
Being stricken for what I
Even in my toughest phase

Understand you suffer too
Repeating to heal
Being mindful of what is
Even in my worst situation

I’m giving you my best
Repeating to heal
Being generous for whatever
Even in my weakest times

Please take care of you
Repeating to heal
Being concerned about what will
Even in my scariest dreams


Don’t compete for compensation
Study love, human equation
No wealth and however smart
Nothing’s like authentic art
That’s my honest advice
Having done it more than once
Whatever dreams you follow
Still must suffer but not hollow
So think to the end, be clever
Every step makes the endeavor
Deviations are meant to be lessons
Part of all for good reasons

A holistic career progress examination


A holistic perspective on career reflection

A holistic career examination implies that the development that has led to the current situation, as well as a future outlook, shall be taken into account in a reflective way.  A whole person approach includes personal traits and socio-cognitive facets. Personal identity extends to life-story considerations, cultural context, and life purpose (Nilsson, 2014). Besides using the biopsychosocial model, biographical learning provides for a concept that is including both formal and informal learning processes, emotional, existential, and cognitive aspects (Hallqvist, 2014, p. 499). This post reflects on a (mid-life) professional career transition from a personal point of view.

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Thin-ideal media effects on viewers and their eating behavior


Eating behavior can be a response to thin- (or muscular-) idealization that may be the result of the aspiration to achieve the ideal, or that is a coping effect for negative body feelings from the comparison with others. Critical thinking and realism skepticism are factors protecting from lower body satisfaction resulting from thin-ideal media exposure. Eating disorder prevention and intervention should consider those factors that are influencing self-imposed overly restricting and unhealthy eating behaviors.

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Mental health and risky sexual behavior


Mental disorders do potentially influence sexual risk taking, although one can find a somewhat equivocal picture that seems to evolve over time as research progresses. There are also explanations for how mental conditions influence the control of sexual practices. And, what does it take for successful interventions to reduce sexual health risk such as from unprotected sex?

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Individualized, whole-person, multi-disciplinary, and innovative treatment of obesity


Individualized common interventions

The composition of treatment should base on the detailed understanding of the patient’s situation including the diagnosis of the type of obesity, its metabolic consequences, any co-morbidities, as well as the medical history and personality of the patient.

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How Does Obesity Affect Our Health?


Obesity as a chronic condition is characterized by an excess of body fat (Sheperd, 2009). Most obese individuals suffer from metabolic disorders such as diabetes type 2, dyslipidemia, or hypertension (Bluher, n.d.). Obesity involves various factors that require a whole person diagnosis and treatment from a biopsychosocial (BPS) perspective.

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Lifestyle factors that predict longevity

mathias-sager-longevity-mount-kazbek-georgia1531917__340Geographical and behavioral differences are relevant for how long people live. For example, in an Abkarsian population of Georgia the chance for a citizen of reaching the age of 100 years was 13 times higher than the expectancy in the UK or the US. Weg (1983) found the following factors to be relevant for explaining the phenomenon:
  • There may have been a local gene pool of relevance
  • They have disciplined work routines
  • Their diet is low in saturated fat and high in fruit and vegetables
  • They do not smoke or drink alcohol
  • They are close-knit, with good social support
  • Reported levels of stress are low

However, the interpretation of correlations between such findings and other factors are difficult. But generally, the following 7 lifestyle factors found by many studies contribute to longevity (Laureate Education, 2014):

  • Sleeping 7 – 8 hours per day
  • Having breakfast regularly
  • Not smoking
  • Not eating between meals
  • Being near to medically-advised weight
  • Moderate alcohol use (or abstinence)
  • Taking regular exercise
I really think just these big 7 health habits are the ones everyone needs to consider and fine-tune to his/her personal situation, condition, and preference. Feasible, no? Or easier said than done?:-)


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