Happiness can be learned

Genetic influenceThere are some genetically different preconditions of individual mood levels. However, as long as not a disease, within the genetic range of possibilities we can develop our mental condition very much towards a bright and positive mind. Fulfilling the human needs related to personal development and self-determination are essential to that.Economic situationIf you have … Continue reading Happiness can be learned

Beyond happiness

I was looking for happiness and found meaning. When I accepted meaning, happiness became meaningless.

Should happiness really be the goal? A Buddhist perspective

The pursuit of happiness generally is considered to be the ultimate goal of a human journey, while economic wealth is expected to support that goal. However, there are many different and plausible ways of looking at quality of living. “You could be well off, without being well. You could be well, without being able to lead the life … Continue reading Should happiness really be the goal? A Buddhist perspective

Factors that affect happiness and the risks for suicide

Unhappiness causes increased risk for suicide. Cultural and economic factors matter. Modernization, social integration, and psychological factors matter too. Many individuals who display a strong desire to die also have a strong desire to live and may decide to do so as long as the necessary support can be obtained. To understand and provide the environment that … Continue reading Factors that affect happiness and the risks for suicide

The cultural shaping of happiness

There exist different underlying motivations on how to pursue happiness in different cultures. As I am living in Japan as a Westerner, I was interested to study some culturally shaped concepts of happiness and also linked them to the correlation between wealth and happiness.

Happiness can be learned

Is it possible to increase one’s well-being regardless of biological, economic and social conditions? Happiness is genetically influenced but not genetically fixed. Economic factors only significantly influence subjective well-being within subsistence-level poverty. How well we feel, how happy we are is a psychological state and personal development provides a possible path towards increased happiness. Let’s act on it.

EARTH – Education, ART, and Happiness

Learn and experience for life I recommend, given the over-emphasis on training of technical skills at all levels of the education system, to complement or replace existing syllabus with “live life” lessons as suggested below. Those in power often tend to have little interest in a prosperous society of equal participants. Rather, it is about maintaining existing … Continue reading EARTH – Education, ART, and Happiness


EARTH MIXED UP Taste-engineered historyThe earth in a mouthMy choice of the cleanThe poison of the dirtBack to the trapAll mixed upIn a growling stomach Fun-sold momentThe earth on a plateOur chance of the coolThe burn of the hotBeyond the edgeAll mixed upIn a stormy bowl Work-managed lifetimeThe earth in a boxTheir change of the … Continue reading EARTH MIXED UP

Collector of Positivity

COLLECTOR OF POSITIVITY Look at me, can you see me?I know you don’t always agreeBut here I show up againOn a canvas in plain designOnly collect positivityNot of the sort of others are miserable tooOr I’ll be fine when better as others I doNo, the real spiritual practice is to …Wait, spiritual?Yes, veritableSphericalInclusion of all into … Continue reading Collector of Positivity


TIME MACHINE Past hour, current powerThe future put on top, at quarter past to stopSimultaneously present, eternal time that’s bentTime passes, thought lingersExperienced synchronized wings, reborn all dead thingsSpiritual parallels, timeless soulsThe time machine freezes the scene But then the memory, backward trajectoryBack to the beginning, future endingAdjusted with imagination, filled with intuitionSharp the spirit, images; conscious … Continue reading TIME MACHINE


THE MOUNTAIN Pleasures are shortcuts for joy, meaning does trump happiness, and everything starts with being your true self as if there were no expectations and boundaries to you. Don’t take the lift and complain about bad fitness. Climb one mountain after the other. Unlearn the stories of deficiencies you told yourself. Overcome the illusion of … Continue reading THE MOUNTAIN


TO MEET HUMANITY We never meet whole humanity and yet we assume to have seen all that is relevant for us. Our friends, families, relatives, work organizations, friends, religious institutions, nations, and ethnic groups define our social worldview. However, if one wants to be genuinely human with all that humankind has to offer, seeing beyond … Continue reading TO MEET HUMANITY / DER MENSCHHEIT BEGEGNEN

Identity: Who are you?

Identity: Who are you? What a significant purpose of life: Life isn’t about learning to fit in somewhere; it is about creating somebody new. Socio-cultural identities Of course, you may want to stay social and cooperative with people in your life. However, with time, the nature of these relationships might transform as your awareness regenerates. … Continue reading Identity: Who are you?

10 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Pills (A Psychologist’s (not Psychiatrist’s) view)

In the US, one in six persons currently takes a psychotropic drug. In Switzerland, around one in ten regularly consume prescribed antidepressants. This population is a minority; all the others manage to live without, and so can you. Modern psychopharmacology began in 1950 with the synthesis of chlorpromazine. Only from then on, the industry started … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Pills (A Psychologist’s (not Psychiatrist’s) view)

The Psychology of Language

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LANGUAGE Having learned English, French, and Japanese while living and working in different cultures, and as a global citizen, psychologist, and artist, languages (words, images, and the heart) are vital for me every day. Research into the psychology of language, or psycholinguistics, has helped better understand the mental aspects of language and … Continue reading The Psychology of Language


It is tempting to ask “Which one do I like most?” But actually, I like them all … We wish to be intelligent to perform tasks such as reading, calculating, solving technical problems, create music, understand nature, be a good employee or entrepreneur, and so forth. These may all be important to fulfill social roles. … Continue reading Comparison