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Analysis tools

Looking at the results sent to you by E-Mail, you can use the following analysis tools and compare yourself to the psychological features of the socio-temporal matrix. You may order a more detailed and personalized report, including actionable recommendations (see below).

Find your archetype based on high-level drivers and psychological features

Drivers and psychological features of the socio-temporal matrix


Urgency versus importance

The time-compressed relatedness of urgency to near-future inter-personal expectations implies that later in time the importance of the matter will fade only as a function of time. This provides proof that the temporarily assigned importance is not real.

The future belongs to all; to our children, to their children, and the children of all other people’s children.

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Happiness versus meaning

You may be looking for happiness and find meaning. The thing is that when you accept meaning, happiness becomes meaningless.

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Main components of connection / love

It is a common misconception that material and spiritual life are irreconcilable. We have more control over the so-called spiritual realm than we think.

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Concepts of time

There is still the reflection of our ancestors in the light, the same light that will transport our visual and energetic appearance forever. That’s how, whether present, future, or past, consequently, everything exists in light in parallel.

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Main types of identification and ways of creating value

If our awareness can scope in all humanity and an eternal notion of time in a way that our identity-based ego does not feel threatened but rather liberated from limiting rules, prejudices and unhealthy habits, Awareness Intelligence readily and willingly will develop.

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