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Token of Humanity (Sharing https://dreampack.org/2018/03/02/token-humanity-march-2018/)

Thank you, Patty, for your relentless work to make a difference. I am thankful that you appreciate our discussion too. I willingly forward this Token of Humanity to further blogger friends who help a lot in spreading awareness, positivity, and engagement for changes for the better to occur.

  1. Tom & Audrey – USA Through Our Eyes
  2. Roy – ashiftinconsiousness
  3. Von Smith – Above the Noise
  4. Daodeqi Elaine Kelly – Free The Truth
  5. Katy Boyer, AKA Forrester McLeod – forresting my cloud
  6. Didi – Didis Art World
  7. K-W – Soundeagle
  8. Lloyd – Lloyd’s Lens Photography LLC

Thank you all so much and all the best!


Original post

The Token of Humanity, brought to you by Humanity Lives On and Dreampack, is aimed at creating awareness on the impact of what an act of humanity could carry not only towards the life of another but your own as well.

It is in dedication to bring knowledge that by surfacing compassion, spreading kindness and caring for what surrounds one’s environment is what acts as breath for your soul to live on in this world.

Without souls, we are just a mind that gets busy over-thinking about a lot of ongoing relating to oneself, a body that on parallel terms goes by what our instincts asks us to and a heart that beats in silence.

Bring our Soul Back to Life

Once a month, we will pass on this Token of Humanity to those, no matter their circumstances, contribute to reviving Humanity.

With utmost appreciation the next eight Beautiful Souls we selected:

  1. John & Michelle – Musings of Meandering Spirits
  2. Shradra – Style That Right
  3. The Black Phoenix – The Whole Armor of God
  4. Shane – Domain of Shane
  5. Mathias – Happy Colorful Growth
  6. Katherin – K E Garland
  7. Kally – MiddleMe
  8. Stephanae – Bold Blind Beauty

We ask you kindly to help us spread Humanity by passing on this token to the beautiful souls across the blogosphere.

As a kind gesture, you could also pass this token of appreciation to anyone around your life, as we all unite in humanity, to create an enlightenment, awareness on how much of a fulfillment, satisfaction and true joy an act of humanity can bring unto your soul. It will be a great uplift to honor those going through tough times, as a reminder that humanity lives on and kindness can create wonders.

Let us come together, be part of the movement there is and conquer the world with Humanity. The world is in need of more of it. No beautiful soul should feel alone and our children ought to grow up towards a future where the atmosphere they may surround themselves with is filled with immense compassion, love and care.

Kindly we request all our readers: share this post and/or inform us you participated in passing on this Token of Humanity. Use on other social media platforms the hashtag campaign of #tokenofhumanity and we will be looking into doing giveaways of printed humanity tees to as many as we can.

We hope the cycle continues and humanity be spread from then on.

Humanity Lives On – Your are Not Alone * Dreampack ~ where Beautiful  Souls thrive

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