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Review of ‘Kunst im Labor’, Zürich 2022-10

Review of ‘Kunst im Labor’, Zürich 2022-10

Last Sunday the “Kunst im Labor – Der Kunstmarkt mit dem besten Künstlergemisch” took place. Great organization, a fitting location in the city of Zurich, and most of all fascinating artists and visitors. I really enjoyed it to be in the midst of creatives, and creators, to discuss, to philosophize. Instead of mechanical likes, people with their verbal and non-verbal reactions. Sold art books physically, not just online, signed by hand for real people. The event left me with lasting impressions and contacts; wonderful. An artist in the wild; where else, when the connection to nature, in general, is so important.

I am already looking forward to the next of the monthly planned exhibitions; then as a visitor. For those who would also like to participate, I can only recommend it.


  • https://www.kunstimlabor.ch/
  • https://www.janabenninger.ch/

Photos: Patrick Sorrilha (Instagram: (@reinka_photography) and Larissa Ernst

Rückblick auf ‘Kunst im Labor’, Zürich 2022-10

Letzten Sonntag hat die “Kunst im Labor – Der Kunstmarkt mit dem besten Künstlergemisch” stattgefunden. Toll organisiert, passende Location in der Stadt Zürich, und vor allem faszinierende Künstler und Besucher. Ich habe es so richtig genossen, inmitten von Kreativen, Kreierenden sein zu dürfen, zu diskutieren, zu philosophieren. Statt mechanische Likes, Menschen mit ihren verbalen und non-verbalen Reaktionen. V.a. Kunstbücher physisch, nicht nur online verkauft, von Hand signiert für echte Menschen. Der Anlass hat für mich bleibende Eindrücke und Kontakte hinterlassen. Ein Künstler in freier Wildbahn; wo sonst, wenn doch die Verbindung zur Natur generell so wichtig ist.

Ich freue mich bereits jetzt auf die nächste der monatlich geplanten Ausstellungen; dann auch als Besucher. Für jene, die ebenfalls mitmachen möchten, kann ich dies nur empfehlen.

Organisatorin Kunst im Labor:

  • https://www.kunstimlabor.ch/
  • https://www.janabenninger.ch/

Fotos: Patrick Sorrilha (Instagram: (@reinka_fotografie) und Larissa Ernst

Shaped into the expression of freedom (‘Pre-art’ at VAN DER PLAS Galery NY)

Trinity Warrior II, acrylic on wood panel, 80 x 80 cm

‘Vor Kunst’

“Das Symbolische ist die Vorkunst; und das Symbolische hat dahin fortzugehen, daß das geistige frei werde und sich eine Gestalt gebe, daß sein Dasein Nicht auch ein anderes vorstellt, sondern nur das Geistige vorstellt. Das ist das Ziel des Symbolischen”

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Van Der Plas Gallery is issuing an open call for artists to exhibit their artwork in our upcoming show entitled ‘ Vor Kunst’. “Art proper, for Hegel, is the sensuous expression or manifestation of a free spirit in a medium (such as metal, stone, or color) that has been deliberately shaped or worked by human beings into the expression of freedom. The sphere of ‘pre-art’ comprises art that falls short of art proper in some way…Compared to genuine art, ‘pre-art’ [or Vor Kunst] rests on a relatively abstract conception of spirit.” ( Hegel’s Aesthetics )

The artworks submitted:

Description of the Work 

The current state of common thinking tries to create dualistic balances (win-lose situations), while it would be better to see triadic harmonies instead (collaborative situations). The Trinity Warriors are fighting against the dualistic thinking in this world of paradoxes and promote a trialistic (threefold) worldview. That’s why they are shaped by the Celtic symbols for trinity, the Triskelion and the Triquetra, both of which I rediscovered by researching the history of the European/Swiss region I live in. Are you ready for the next step in thinking: From dualistic to trialistic? As you change how you look at the world, the world you look at will change.

TRINITY WARRIOR II (M. Sager, 2020). Acrylic on wood panel, 80 x 80 cm

Trinity-warrior-II msthias sager psychology art painting

TRINITY WARRIOR I (M. Sager, 2020). Acrylic on wood panel, 80 x 80 cm

Trinity-warrior-I mathias sager psychology art painting


Mathias Sager is born in Zurich in 1975 and grew up in Switzerland. For many years he lived in Tokyo and also in Pune/India. Mathias is passionate about developing human potential, which is an overarching theme throughout all his work that is based on independent research and supported by intuition and art. Through teaching, counseling, and leading individuals and teams around the world, and with a background in education sciences, an EMBA in information and communication technology, as well as an MSc in Psychology, Mathias’ goal is to inspire with interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural approaches to personal and professional development for individual well-being and the common good alike. For Mathias, psychology and art belong together, why his paintings often appear together with written pieces of psycho-philosophical research and wisdom.

Artist Statement 

As the inventor of the concept of ‘Awareness Intelligence,’ which is the ability to expand and systematically use one’s thinking in the full scope of time and social relationships in a triadic constellation, I regularly take up the number 3 in my works. My art intends to remain raw, simple, and naively colorful, yet intelligently connecting the dots according to the holistic thinking behind. I invite the viewer of my work to give a second look to get that systematic. What is put into my paintings is (1) self-reflection, (2) love of social connections, and (3) the care for the next generation. It is thought that fuels the painting process, which then generates awareness-intelligent emotions, hopefully for the viewer too. Whenever the creative experience becomes work, I bring it back to fun through disregarding any methodological and technical considerations if needed; the term “play,” from that perspective, would better reflect the nature of my creative process.