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Safety, satisfaction, and connectedness

It can be argued that there are three basic human needs. First is safety. You were safest before birth. In your mother’s womb, you were still well protected. Then the rough, dark, and cold world appeared. On the other hand, also sunshine on your skin, light in your eyes, and later the awareness that consciousness, the spirit of your soul is still and will always be with you. You need to re-connect to your intra-past, your safe source that is always yours.

The second of the three basic human needs is satisfaction. If you look at what you do from a non-judgmental viewpoint that is free of other’s past-based opinion and future pressures, then fearless creation, experimentation, and joyful learning become possible. The same is true for relationships. If you meet others in the here and now without transactional distractions and ulterior motives, if your soul’s need to meet other souls in the inter-presence is met, deep satisfaction ensues.

And third, the need for connection can be met through connecting to all humankind in the extra-future. Billions of others have gone through human life before, and many more will follow in the perpetual renewal and passing of the precarious expression of life. The end of one life is, at the same time, the start of another one. Just within yourself, you can achieve an awaring of how your ‘coming-from’ and ‘going-to’ meet in humantime, which connects you to infinite time and humanity as a whole.

Some people feel alone even among people. And there are people who never feel alone, even when solitary. What is needed is a shift from separateness to wholeness.

It is not our corps connecting the soul to life; it is our soul connecting the body to life. Enjoy your vision, but trust your inner eye. There is no need to physically bind others as there is a deeper connection to whole humanity anyway.

So far:

Chapter 1 – Life’s introduction of Awareness Intelligence

Chapter 2 – The awarenessland of Awaria

Chapter 3 – Your life that is humantime

Chapter 4 – Consciousness, awareness, and social intelligence

Chapter 5 – Broadening the social scope

Chapter 6 – Increasing the attention span

Chapter 7 – Distraction of the mass

Chapter 8 – Missing systematics and links in science

Chapter 9 – Spiritual consumerism and mystification of spiritualism

Chapter 10 – Expanding the here and now

Chapter 11 – Individual revolution, human evolution

Chapter 12 – Mental coordinate system

Chapter 13 – Ignorance is not bliss

Chapter 14 – Awareness Intelligence is learnable

Chapter 15 – The difference between Awareness Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

Chapter 16 – Technology and the distributed intelligence of the mind

Chapter 17 – The choice to be part of something bigger

Chapter 18/19 – The structure and dimensions of life: The socio-temporal matrix (three tenets of Awareness Intelligence)

Chapter 20 – The Intra-past

Chapter 21 – The Inter-present

Chapter 22 – The Extra-future

Chapter 23 – Full awareness and pure thoughts for coherent meaning

Chapter 24 – The three awareness sparring partners

Chapter 25 – The joy of being, doing, and becoming

Chapter 26 – Learning to die during a lifetime

Chapter 27 – Physical spacelessness and spatial mentalness

Chapter 28 – The law of creation: Intuition, intention, and imagination

Chapter 29 – Energy and the illusionary objectification of life

Chapter 30 – Body, mind, soul

Chapter 31 – Trialistic harmony, not dualistic balance

Chapter 32 – A tripartite world that works in triplets

Chapter 33 – Triadic philosophies and wisdoms

Chapter 34 – Think thrice

Chapter 35 – Circumthinking

Chapter 36 – Unconditional love

Chapter 37 – Humankindism

Chapter 38 – Unimportant urgencies versus purposeful service

Chapter 39 – Becoming wholly human

Chapter 40 – Exchanging and building energy through gratitude

Chapter 41 – Enthusiastic learning and teaching

Chapter 42 – Surviving and thriving through change

Chapter 43 – The ability to respond

Coming next:

Chapter 45 – Healing beyond relief

— In love for my daughter Natalie and all children of this world. —