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Individual revolution, human evolution (overcoming psychic blindness)

Chapter 11 – Individual revolution, human evolution

Today, humans do not evolve through physical challenges anymore, but rather through mental adaptiveness.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

Carelessness and conflicts due to increased stress and anxiety levels cause the pharmaceutical markets to surge. Instead of pills, however, we need a different quality of the mind that is not resulting in mental dysfunction, suffering, and aggression. Awareness Intelligence can serve as a natural human enabler whose potential is revolutionary on the individual and evolutionary on the human level. I believe in rationality and our ability to transform our way of thinking, although there is seemingly not a good enough market for such a mindset yet. However, as Jacque Fresco, the American futurist said, “we must put our mind on this as we do put a man on the moon.” What an exciting opportunity for us to strive for accessing life force that makes the whole of the universe. Metacognitive strategies, the thinking about the thinking, are vital for any endeavor of human learning and behavior.

Awareness Intelligence is the mastery of meta-conscious strategies that empower for living a holy, wholly and wholesome human life.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

The ‘body image concern’ condition lets people suffer from concerns about their body because they are dramatizing considered physical flaws due to an over-emphasis on specific local visual processing. If they had a better functioning global visual processing of the whole body, a more proportionate picture of the entire physical self would be perceived. The same phenomenon can be detected not only for the physical but also for the mental perception of oneself. A distorted perception due to impaired awareness of the global nature of life might cause one to limit the mental self-image adversely. And indeed, far too many are the people who think without objective reason that they would be not intelligent, not talented, not creative, not attractive, and not worthy spiritual beings. Such preoccupations are negatively affecting self-esteem, well-being, and vitality. Eating disorders and plastic surgery, for example, become the life-threatening and self-mutilating means to get rid of the image concerns.

It is important to acknowledge the existence of the disabling psychic blindness that the shortage of whole-person awareness represents and to develop Awareness Intelligence to put things back into a wholesome overall context.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

Rather than technological solutions in the first place, it is the apprehension of the human mind that bears the secret to breakthrough progress for the development of human beings and their well-being. As the saying goes “the eyes are useless when the mind is blind.” There is certainly no shortage of optical aids considering the interesting possibilities coming from technologies such as telescopes, microscopes, magnifiers, and zoom lenses. Of course, technological progress can be enormously useful for the enhancement of our limited five senses, the recovery of the physical health of some, and it can bring a good portion of excitement and thrill. But technologies are not speaking to the mind and soul directly. Any external stimulation first always goes through a layer of receptiveness and awareness that is more or less filtering and transforming signals into emotions and thoughts. It’s this, and only this, layer of the aware mind that determines how we experience the world. These mental capacities though are neglected as being untouchable, and so ‘mind tools’ remain relatively vague. Many people have heard – not as many who are using an iPhone though – that mindfulness, for example, is something good and vital for everyday and professional thriving. But it’s admittedly a struggle to understand what exactly the mind should be full of. Although we can observe and think about life, psychic blindness seems to be a common issue. Compared to the massive investments put into the marketing of consumer goods, investments into understanding and developing the human mind to increase well-being and health, stay comparatively modest.

It would not only make sense, but it is our responsibility to promote the empowerment of the human mind, to teach how to use the most powerful tool there is, human awareness, as a matter of priority in all societies.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

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