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Expanding the here and now

Chapter 10 – Expanding the here and now

mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

What if you lived your conscious life confined to an inner shrinkage of the like of a so-called Matryoshka, a ‘Russian Doll,’ not realizing that you could be the whole doll and therefore missing even the prospect of ever seeing the world’s bright shining as it can only be experienced from the outermost layer?

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

It’s up to you on which level your awareness resides. However, only through completely opening up you can see the light, the ultimate source of life.

The breakthrough discovery of the nature of Awareness Intelligence lies in the combination of one axis of relational reach with the other axis of time.

  • The y-axis represents the scale of human scope ranging from an individual to the human race overall. Imagine the arrow to be infinite, opening to an all-encompassing extent of humankind.
  • The second axis, the x-axis represents the timeline with the infinite past on the one and the endless future on the other end. For most Western cultures this might be learned to occur from left to right.
mathias sager Awareness Intelligence socio-temporal matrix
mathias sager Awareness Intelligence socio-temporal matrix

The observation of the environment helps to see the light as all material objects reflect light. Light is everywhere, including in all of us, and time does not let it fade. That’s how reflections become perennial.

There is still the reflection of our ancestors in the light, the same light that will transport our visual and energetic appearance forever. That’s how, whether present, future, or past, consequently, everything exists in light in parallel. Besides such a notion of cosmic time, I agree that in everyday life the concept of a timeline is practical. However, such a linear conceptualization of time represents a serious impediment.

Maximal temporal awareness bends the imaginary timeline into a circle in which the past and the future, both infinitely stretching into eternity, meet.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

If you can stretch your linear image of your lifetime between birth and death into this cyclical form beyond our physical existence, you have achieved a similar quantum leap to the one we’ve accomplished when accepting that the physical world is round rather than a finite plate with dubiously ending edges. Don’t fear thinking into the seemingly impossible and become of the infinite, spherical, and parallel nature of time. Don’t stressfully define your mind, stretch it. The farther apart you can stretch, the broader your arms of awareness. That’s how we can embrace the whole universe.

Social and institutional thinking is centered around organizational interests. Until the nineteenth century, the church defended a system in which the earth formed the center around which the sun and other planets span. It was only from the pressure of counter-proof that it got accepted that all the sky’s objects are in motion and the earth is spinning around the sun. Now it’s time to understand that time is not circling around our subjective perception of it. The past and the future don’t meet in our present, although this is a convenient view to support our self-importance. Our subjective presence is no absolute truth in all humantime. Much more, all the past and all the future meet on the parallel side of the circle of time where all time is not only available to us now, but to any life at any time.

Parallel time is always available to anybody, but it takes our effort to mentally stretch into the past and future and flex into the endless expanse of time on the other side of our illusionary timeline.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

The concept of going through this and other-lifetime physical existences and being judged for them in a way that is deciding one’s earthly fate in this and future lives is contradictory to having an infinite and immutable soul. Building karma over time is building on the culturally shaped notion of sequentially acquiring time over time. Who we really are and will always be, we were already in the past. Believing in bad karma from past bad deeds is believing in punishment through future suffering. However,

The belief in any form of shameful guilt is hostile to life and therefore awareness-unintelligent.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

Life itself would never be against itself. Why should it be necessary to have to circle through multiple incarnations to reach the freedom of Nirvana? If you don’t hold on to specific beliefs,

It’s right now possible to escape the cycle of death and rebirth by once for all dying to social attachments and freeing the soul to transcend awareness to the ever-present full temporal expansion of life.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

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Awareness Intelligence (A brief introduction)

The next step in human evolution

            For the same reason as to why Relativity theory is important to Physics, Awareness Intelligence is necessary for a new understanding of the mental world in Psycho-spirituality. Awareness Intelligence is the lawfully tripartite awareness about awareness. If we move on from relative perceptions in fragmented spacetime to absolute connections in holy, whole, and wholesome humantime, the next quantum leap in human evolution can be taken, for individual well-being, organizational thriving, and the common good alike. Finally, concepts of enlightenment can be demystified by the socio-temporal matrix of Awareness Intelligence. It’s time for the spiritually rational Homo conscientia, the aware human to evolve in a post-shallow-happiness era that is all about meaning.

The socio-temporal matrix

            The dimensions of intra-, inter-, and extra-personal human relations and the past, present, and future modes of time plotted into a socio-temporal matrix can be used to explain the fabric of the human soul. This mental coordinate system reveals three ultimately intelligent fields, the three tenets of Awareness Intelligence. First, the ‘intra-past’ as the combination of the intra-personal with the past, which is the source of intuition that enables authentic minding. Second, the ‘inter-present,’ which derives from the inter-personal dimension crossed with present time and that leads to awareness as the precondition for self-generated thought free from stressful transactionalities. And third the ‘extra-future,’ which is the intersection of the extra-personal with the future that completes Awareness Intelligence in allowing it to be whole-human scope thinking both from a relational and temporal point of view.

Socio-temporal matrix

A life aligned to humantime

            Modern societies’ lifestyle went global, while awareness stayed, for the most part, local. This leads all too often to sympathy without empathy. Contemporary issues such as health risks, conflicts, inequality, and poverty do point to a single most critical cause: Unawareness of lack of awareness. But now the logic of Awareness Intelligence has been deciphered and it can be learned as a meta-cognitive strategy. Besides the ability to socially scope in all humanity, the notion of a linear life timeline has to be stretched into a two-sided continuum of time that bends into circular eternity. Like the world is not a finite plate with angst-inducing ending edges, our energetic life is not confined between birth and death. There are three entry points to liberating cosmic humantime: The self-accepting mind-travel to before birth, the immersion into parallel time trough unconditional love, and the compassionate mental expansion towards after death. Awareness-intelligent people can disrupt conditioned misbelieves and unlearn unhealthy habits. How? By tracing back their story to where it started, all back to their intra-past; by expressing their language of reverence by letting others become who they really are too; and by finding their purposeful servicing based on timeless kindness. We can enjoy social interactions together in the inter-present, but the past belongs to us, and the future ultimately belongs to all to come.

Practicing Awareness Intelligence

            Think about a tripod and how its three legs need to interact simultaneously to provide a stable stand. Only by such a well-established awareness, the coherent arcs of sharper thought can be captured. Awareness Intelligence offers solutions that are never in a hurry, but all about importance. Awareness is not everything, but without awareness there is nothing. The reader will learn how to cultivate circumthinking to see the chances, how to think thrice before choosing how to make oneself and others feel, and how it is possible to change thinking from the layer from where thought arises: one’s awareness. When consciousness becomes aware, when awakening becomes intelligent, and when balancing dualism becomes a harmonious trinity of awareness, humantime has begun. Begin to apply a ‘watch-listen-walk’ attitude as your new invaluable mental guard: watch the intra-past, listen to the inter-present, and walk the extra-future. Become an attentive and agile dancer who can control the body, cooperate with the mind, and coordinate the congeniality of human souls to fully enjoy the deepest experiences of the socio-temporal dance of life.

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