All the Best from the Future

New Year Greetings East to West It has just turned midnight Time travelled from daylight In the land of the rising sun That’s where I have gone On the pursuit of meaning Challenging, but interesting No fear, positive posture All the best from the future Mathias

Book of life

#62 Stairways (Mathias Sager, Oil colors water mixable on canvas board, 8F 46.7x38.1x0.4 cm (18.4"x15"x0.16"))

The book of life goes on like a free fall In comfortable times one isn’t a protagonist at all The new chapter opens up like a new start In difficult times one has to play the active part The story comes to an end like a love letter In life times one can change scripts for better The episode builds upon like a final solution In all times one continues to shape human … Continue reading

Thank you for making me better

Thank you for loading onto me what you never would handle Thank you for expecting of me what you never would bear Thank you for claiming from me what you never would ask yourself Thank you for helping me to become a better person

Anything is possible

I’ve said no and got punished How lost in deceptions we are By feeding our addictions Freedom seems inaccessible I’ve been honest and got contempt How much others-reliable we are By repeating our lies Progress seems impassable I’ve chosen and got proof How enormously anxious we are By maintaining our enemy image Peace seems impossible And yet I’ll always choose again How much and long it may take By keeping … Continue reading


A salary man’s accused of his lack of time A studying man’s belittled for his dream An investing man’s unbelieved for achieving wealth What shall he do the man who seeks approval? Not to seek approval but staying true to self Not to cease earning wisdom and strength Not to compromise on how valuable time is spent That makes him invincible the man who knows himself!

Your way

There will be a time When people understand The system that is Isn’t caring for all Think your way Immature dependence Omnipresent regrets Compensation that is Isn’t supportive for all Stop your way To compete to win To forget to retreat The game that is Isn’t meant for all Change your way

That stoic preparation

That you leave and I’m not allowed to lend That you rent and I’m not allowed to spend That you tell and I’m not allowed to ask That you try and I’m not allowed to help That you refuse and I’m not allowed to offer That you provoke and I’m not inclined to fight That you wonder and I’m stoically prepared That you take away but I control my mind … Continue reading

Repeating to heal

Thank you very much Repeating to heal Being thankful for what you Even in my hardest moment Sorry should I have failed Repeating to heal Being stricken for what I Even in my toughest phase Understand you suffer too Repeating to heal Being mindful of what is Even in my worst situation I’m giving you my best Repeating to heal Being generous for whatever Even in my weakest times Please … Continue reading


Don’t compete for compensation Study love, human equation No wealth and however smart Nothing’s like authentic art . That’s my honest advice Having done it more than once Whatever dreams you follow Still must suffer but not hollow . So think to the end, be clever Every step makes the endeavor Deviations are meant to be lessons Part of all for good reasons

Unifying verse

#62 Stairways (Mathias Sager, Oil colors water mixable on canvas board, 8F 46.7x38.1x0.4 cm (18.4"x15"x0.16"))

Sharing what is ours, longing but now it’s time. When is it possible? – Story of an untold book. Climbing my lap to sit, relaxed but sparkling eyes. What makes it real? – Voice of a loving father. Beating heart on your back, worried but perfect moment. How can it endure? – Infinite unifying verse.

Work the love

Love achieved another goal Service disciplined harmony Retire the settled growth Became dependencies  in time Response to present back Never the ever strength Fought the thankful animal Being human fair realm Feed the eating teacher Change the role and game Projections display plan To get the taken work



Üben hüben Üben drüben Verübeltes Grübeln Verrücktes Würgen Unüblich günstig Untrüglich künstlich Müde Würde Mürbe Hürde Gekürtes Geschnür Geschürtes Geschwür Mühendes Müssen Wühlendes Küssen Erfühlte Schwüle Erfüllte Kühle Tümpel stürmen Türen türmen Üben hüben Üben drüben

Yoga in Yoyogi park


Beetles visiting nearby balcony There I’m breathing, seeking harmony Sing cicades’ and black crows’ voices Drowned out by the crowds percussions Dog runs, barbeque, photography Calm and loud with friends and family Nature culture, symbiosis to immerse in Listen paint it, Yoga in the morning