The Association between Physical Activity (PA) and Cognitive Ability

The benefits It is part of natural aging that our cognitive capabilities may diminish. Cognitive functioning is essential for quality of life, why preserving our mental abilities is in the interest of our well-being (Edwards & Loprinzi, 2017). Physical activity (PA) plays a crucial role in developing and protecting mental abilities.

Companioned With Books (From ‘What You Can Find on the Other Side of the World’)

Did you also experience situations in which you didn’t have the right discussion partners and influences you sought to acquire the wisdom, inspiration, and practical know-how that would have helped you on your way forward? This can happen to all of us. When not understanding or being misunderstood, feeling alone with a particular position, or facing a seeming dilemma or unconquerable obstacle we may choose to talk with family, discuss … Continue reading

Authorized Deception: An Approach to the Effective and Ethical Use of Placebo Research

Regarding the ‘cost’ and ‘benefit’ consideration in deception used in placebo research, Miller, Wendler, and Swartzman (2005) are concluding that an appropriate balance between research value and ethical protection of research participants should and can be found and approved by the Ethics Committees.

Use of Placebo Effects in Performance Enhancement

Bérdi, Köteles, Hevesi, Szabo, and Bárdos (2011) have found in their meta-analysis that placebo was stimulating psycho-motor performance, the influence of heart rate, and diastolic blood pressure. The psychological processes involved are classic conditioning, expectations, and anxiety, which can be interrelated mechanisms activating neurochemical components of the body (Babel, 2009). All, McClung and Collings (2007), Beedie and Foad (2009), and Bérdi et al. (2011) report significant performance benefits from the … Continue reading

Why Psychology Should Be Taught in Every School

Humanist psychologists strikingly identify globalization, health, ecology, and spirituality as areas of contemporary and future human problematic behavior, and point to a large population of depressiveness worldwide. Do you also think humanity hasn’t yet found a good recipe for peace, justice, and happiness? In fact, it is our all aspiration to make the best possible contribution to the well-being of all. Just, how to do even better as there is obviously … Continue reading

Language nomad

In Deutscher Muttersprache Ond uf Schwiizerdütsch Interrotto le lezioni di italiano Etudié la langue française Worked in Business English 日本文化に浸る Und jetzt? Ond jetz? E adesso? Et maintenant? And now? そして今? Living as a language nomad …


A salary man’s accused of his lack of time A studying man’s belittled for his dream An investing man’s unbelieved for achieving wealth What shall he do the man who seeks approval? Not to seek approval but staying true to self Not to cease earning wisdom and strength Not to compromise on how valuable time is spent That makes him invincible the man who knows himself!

Building skills for e-learning success in the intuitive classroom of the digital generation

For many students, e-learning programs can be as natural as the daily individual components of web content, e-books, and e-mails. The consistent digital availability of all study materials in an online program provides the ability to seamlessly integrate students’ various information sources and storage of the paperless household and office. For this and other reasons it would be difficult to bring the digital generation back to the traditional classroom without … Continue reading