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Mathias Sager

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Our powerful alliance

  • Expert delivery partner:
    J-Globalgroup Inc. is the longstanding training expert company for business success in Japan and beyond.

  • Quality production partner: FTB Communications Pvt. Ltd. Is our proven and committed video production partner, standing for values of integrity, trust and excellence


We offer different options for advance payment, revenue sharing, or mixed models. Ask us for more details: Contact

Why video?

Whether global corporations, startups, nonprofits, or educational institutions, enterprises increasingly discover the advantages of using video for their communication and learning.

Therefore, many of them are converting their old classroom, instructor-led model of Learning & Development (L&D) into modern video-based eLearning.

eLearning benefits for companies

Case studies show that organizations investing in video and eLearning are benefitting from increased Return on Investment (ROI). eLearning is measurable and scalable. In addition to the general benefits of learning such as more productive and satisfied employees, specific eLearning benefits are:

  • Reduced training costs
    One of the most significant advantages of online corporate training is that it actually reduces training costs. There will no longer be a need for printed training materials or even on-site facilitators, given that all of the information an employee will need can be found within the online training platform.
  • Rapid deployment and update of content
    Online training can be delivered quickly and conveniently, so that employees are able to acquire new information or skill sets almost immediately.
  • Offers employees the opportunity to access information when and for how long they need it most
    Online training also gives employees the chance to access important information or reference materials whenever and wherever they need it.
  • Improved knowledge retention
    When an employee is able to learn in an interactive and engaging setting, then this leads to improved knowledge and skill set retention.

Today’s learners’ expectations

Learners today expect relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalized learning content. eLearning and video content is meeting the need of learners to progress at their convenience and requirement.

Video-based e-learning courses help to build the strategies, skills, and techniques necessary for the modern workforce to adapt to online classrooms and more intuitive learning experiences.

Producing the most effective video type

Studio quality filming and creative animation

  • We bring instructors filmed in the studio or a live setting to the screen where their effect won’t be less. Whether it is to animate your slides or to develop suitable design elements to visualize your scripts, you can count on our discipline and creativity alike.

Production process

  • We support individuals and organizations end-to-end from video ideation to the impact analysis and running Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives to grow their human potential. A simplified video production process typically involves the following project steps:

mathias-sager_video production project simplified


Tailored to your needs and possibilities

Best value

  • Our end-to-end on-site service is the ideal mix of on-site and personal engagement for the creation of authentic video and eLearning products. We are transparent, fair, and going the extra mile to guarantee the best value.

Revenue sharing option

  • To make good things happen in any case, we offer the opportunity for co-production. Please ask us for effort and revenue sharing models that fit your strategy. Shared ownership rights further allow for continuous multi-channel collaboration to create long-lasting win-win situations. Mixed models of upfront payment and revenue sharing are possible too.

Navigating the video ecosystem

The unique partnership between mathias sager – Video & eLearning, J-Globalgroup, and FTBCommunications allows for agile development and reliable delivery of video and eLearning productions in different setups, assuming and supporting various role across the ecosystem.


Video & eLearning

Happy Colorful Growth

We improve personal, leadership, and business development through cross-cultural, intergene-rational, and multidisciplinary (e)Learning and advisory.

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Mathias Sager

Mathias’ transferable skills and experience are in education, business administration, advisory, risk management, IT, and psychology and learning & development to facilitate high-impact projects across borders. He has led quality and complex programs successfully working with diverse teams and collaborating interdisciplinary with stakeholders to achieve innovative solutions. Mathias has worked as a teacher, a leadership trainer, as well as a senior manager in IT Advisory. Also, he’s a (social) entrepreneur and providing video and eLearning services to various clients.


Track record

  • Client Experience: Before providing video creation and eLearning services for companies in Japan and India, Mathias has successfully championed the learning function and developed, procured and implemented training solutions at various employers and clients in Europe.
  • Learning Expert: Mathias’ background in education sciences, business administration, visual arts, IT and media, and learning & development guarantees a sound end-to-end view on how to create success through eLearning.


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